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Oct 31, 2011 08:24 AM

Coffee in Baltimore/Washington DC

Any recommendations on where i can get great coffee/milk blend drinks in Baltimore/Washington DC area? From reading the Chowhound blogs, it sounds like Spro in Baltimore is great, but it's not clear what is a good coffee shop in DC. I will be staying in Towson, MD (north of Baltimore) and in Arlington, VA, but I will have a car and willing to drive for great coffee.

Also, does anyone know if coffee roasted at Zeke's Coffee is stored in an airtight bag with a one way valve?

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  1. I like Peregrine Espresso (Capitol Hill and Logan Circle).

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      Thanks Woodleyparkhound. This place looks great. I'm going to try and check it out.

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        It's fun to combine the Capitol Hill location with a trip to the Eastern Market - they are very near each other.

    2. Right in Arlington: Bayou Bakery and Northside Social have Counter Culture coffee, I am not a big coffee person, but I really enjoy the tea and other offerings at both and know other people really like it. The big benefit to Bayou is you can also get darn good beignets.

      In Alexandria there is Misha's which roast their own coffee and all my friends love it. And Sidamo is great if you are up in the H Street area for any reason. I actually have drank coffee from there when with some friends and feeling like a cup.

      I should also add Arax Coffee in Westover part of Arlington for Armenian Coffee.

      1. In Arlington ( Clarendon specifically ) you can get some amazing coffee at Boccato Gelato. It's on Wilson Blvd, across from the Whole Foods and between the Courthouse and Clarendon metro stops.

        Beans come from the Brooklyn branch of Stumptown Roasters and they'll do a French Press ( tragically, many places won't ). Last time I was there the expansion wasn't finished, so there may or may not be anywhere to sit. The original spot was small and to-go only.

        It's my personal favorite and I live in the city, but if you want a reason to explore:

        Sidamo on H St - mentioned below, I heartily second it.
        Filter - in Dupont Circle - 21st and S St NW. Good selection, including a 'reserve menu' for the connoisseur. Supposedly they do a "flat white" so well that Aussies/Kiwis search it out when they visit.
        Qualia Coffee - near the Petworth Metro on Georgia Ave. They're a micro-roaster and do all the work on premises.
        Bourbon Coffee - downtown DC, 21st and L St NW. I haven't actually been, but they serve multiple single origin brands from Rwanda.
        Baked and Wired, Georgetown. Also serves Stumptown coffee, and has great pastries if you're into that.

        I also always liked the Juan Valdez cafe at on F St b/t 18th and 19th. It's surrounded by the IMF, World Bank, Latin American NGOs, etc., which makes people watching a little more fun. Suits having animated conversations instead of lonely single people staring into laptops.

        Also, if you're flexible and like Counter Culture, they used to do weekly tastings Friday mornings in Adams Morgan. I don't see the tastings mentioned on their website anymore though; just scheduled classes.

        Juan Valdez Cafe
        1625 I St NW Lbby 1, Washington, DC 20006

        French Press Cafe
        27 E Chesapeake Ave, Towson, MD 21286

        1. You mentioned coffee milk blends, so I'd also suggest hunting down a cup of Vietnamese coffee ( iced or not ), which is spiced with chicory and about half condensed milk and sugar.

          Pho 75 is between Courthouse and Rosslyn ( cash only ) and sells it, but the mecca of Vietnamese food is Eden Center. It's "close" to East Falls Church Metro, but you have a car which is the way to go. I can't think of a specifically good place there for coffee, but most of the restaurants should have it.

          Eden Center
          Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

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            Chuletas, thanks for the recommendations. I should correct my post and say that I'm looking for espresso/milk drink blends (i.e. cappucino, mochas, etc.). However, the recommendations above covers what I'm looking for.