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Oct 31, 2011 08:22 AM

What to put on veal ravioli?

I got some frozen veal ravioli from this amazing Russian food store in NE Philadelphia. Everything else I got there has been amazingly delicious, so I have high expectations for these ravioli.

My question is, what should I top the ravioli with? The friend who took me to the store suggested sour cream, so I bought some of their good stuff. But that doesn't sound like enough. I feel like I want herbs, or something.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  1. what else is in there? any cheese or seasonings?

    if it's just meat inside, i'd use a red wine reduction, finished with some butter and pinched fresh thyme. you could also dollop some fresh ricotta on top when plating.

    sour cream and veal doesn't sound appealing to me, but then i'm of italian descent, not russian. :)

    1. I love a ravioli in just a simple rich broth (brodo). I think veal ravioli would be great it in this type of preparation as I don't think it hides the flavor of a great pasta or a great meat filling as much as heavier sauces.

      1. I think what you have is Russian Pelmeni. It would be a shame to cover them with a sauce. Making them from scratch they typically cook in boiling water about fifteen minutes, then they're served topped with sour cream and fresh herbs.

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            I would consider things like onions, dill, garlic, parsley, chervil, celery, (just the leaves, of course) or tarragon.

        1. Sounds like pierogies to me. I've never heard of a Russian ravioli, so I'd avoid the red wine reductions and ricotta cheese personally speaking as that's more of an italian preparation for italian ravioli. Now, I get that most cultures have some sort of stuffed dumpling, but to me, it would be like having "chinese raviolis" (or potstickers) in tomato sauce with parmaggiano. In any event,. I'd totally cook those babies up aka boil them around 12 minutes til cooke through, then, sautee them in butter and well cooked onion, then serve with sour cream and fresh chopped dill.
          Great, now I'm hungry....

          1. You've probably got yourself some veal vareniki or veal pelmeni there.

            You can top any of those the same as you would pierogi.

            The list includes: sour cream, butter/margarine, caramelized onions, etc.
            (Search on FB, there's a page/account entitled "I LOVE PELEMENI".
            Click on the discussions tab and then click on "What is the best topping for Pelemeni?").

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              I know its late to answer , but still ...Another review is right , it's pelmeni.
              I would suggest butter , black pepper , dill . Or another option would be sour cream , dill, black pepper . Some would use vinegar and greens as well . Those would be the most traditional options from this dish is Russia.