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Oct 31, 2011 07:31 AM

What's for dinner #114 [old]

Happy Halloween. Here's hoping you have some tricks up your sleeve for a delicious dinner treat tonight.

Cold weather persists here in the northeast, and I am in the process of turning some lamb bones into Scotch Broth. Leftover lamb will become Shepherd's Pie. What delicious things do you have planned?

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  1. Gosh, I love Scotch Broth. You do put barley in, yes?

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    1. re: twodales

      Yes. I am using the recipe from The Essential New York Times Cookbook. I don't have a turnip, so that is my only deviation. Everything else was on hand.

    2. Smoked Pork Chops, Asparagus with a bit of hollandaise, and small golden steamed potatoes. Berries to finish. British "Top Gear" on the tube followed by an episode or two of "Sleeper Cell." Post Trick or Treaters that is...

      Full-Size Hershey bars & Kit Kats for all of you beggars. ;-)

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      1. re: twodales

        We do full-sized bars too, though we have smaller ones on hand for the bus loads of kids that literally get bussed to our neighborhood. Sometimes a couple of dozen at a time! It would be very expensive to keep up with that!

      2. Something really scary for Halloween - mystery thaw! Trying to slim down the freezer so this morning I removed an orange/reddish substance in a plastic bag and put it out on the counter to thaw. I am terrible at labeling.

        It is probably tomato/meat sauce to be served over pasta or some sort of soup. I'm also thawing a couple of bone-in chicken breasts. And about 9 peeled, chunked apples are busy turning themselves into applesauce in the crockpot.

        Yesterday's dinner was pretty tasty - stir fry with leftover rice, ground pork from my CSA farmer, eggplant and peppers plus thawed dumplings, browned and served with dipping sauce.

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        1. re: tcamp

          Mystery thaw! Love it. I have some chocolate ganache in the freezer my husband keeps thinking is something meat-related.

          1. re: buttertart

            boy will be be disappointed when he serves that over rice!

        2. I made smittenkitchen's garlic butter roasted mushrooms Friday night (with steak and kale and ricotta salata salad) and loved them so much I am making them again tonight, with either crusty bread or rice to soak up the amazing juices, plus I will finish that kale salad which held up really well all weekend. I'll be making that again too. The tree damage in my town from that freak snowstorm is heartbreaking but I was lucky and never lost power.

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          1. re: GretchenS

            Man, I saw you mention those garlic butter roasted shrooms on another thread, and the more you mention them, the more I want to make them!!!

            If I end up making them, the kosher chicken breast I got yesterday for casa lingua's good ol' stand-by dish (piccata) might receive a different treatment. Maybe they'll get some sort of dry rub with hot & sweet paprika & assorted herbs. Salad on the side, of course.

            1. re: GretchenS

              Mmm. I love those mushrooms (the diced version that she does is really nice too). I'm doing puttanesca pasta for the boyfriend tonight, and might have just been inspired do a pan of those to go alongside, as well as bread, salad, and wine. Mushrooms and red wine . . . perfect playmates.

              It's always sad to lose trees, isn't it? Our street sustained a bit of damage this summer--after the trimmers had already come through. Not as peacefully leafy as it was.

              1. re: GretchenS

                I have some ricotta salata in the house -- what is the salad you make with it?

                1. re: roxlet

                  This one. I shredded the ricotta salata on the big holes of the box grater and shredded the kale very thin so they were close to the same size. You need to let the kale wilt in the dressing a bit before eating.

                  1. re: GretchenS

                    That looks so interesting. I have to find some Tuscan kale and make this!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      I loved that I made it Friday and ate it every day since. It really holds well.

                2. re: GretchenS

                  just looked up the recipe, those look incredible. i have a bunch of sliced shitakes i could do that with... but maybe not as good if they're not whole or halved? and i don't think they'll go with the asiatic pork thing i've got in the crock-pot. i have basil to use up, maybe if i add some of that....

                  1. re: mariacarmen

                    If you make it with shitakes, I wanna know about it, it sounds fantastic!!

                    1. re: GretchenS

                      I think I may well do a mix of shrooms myself -- I'll see what's on offer @Wegmans. Here's hoping for some baby bellas, oyster mushrooms & shiitake.

                      They often have hen of the woods / maitake, but I'm not sure how well they would work in this recipe.

                      ETA: having returned from Wegmans, I can report to have bought baby bellas and brown pearl mushrooms.

                      Really looking forward to dinner --

                  2. re: GretchenS

                    Garlic. Butter. Mushrooms. Yep, works for me.

                  3. We live in a neighborhood where people literally bring in van loads of kids from other neighborhoods to trick or treat. To have enough candy to last even a couple of hours you would spend well over $100 so we're hiding out in the back bedroom, which we've turned into the movie watching room. Because we'll be eating at a coffee table instead of the diningroom table I think I'll make all sorts of appetizers and make it a little food night. Doro Wat will have to wait for tomorrow night, that's too difficult to eat bent over and I'm not risking it dripping on that vintage area rug.

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                    1. re: weezieduzzit

                      I wish I lived in a busy Halloween neighborhood. Haven't in ages. What kinds of appies did you end up making, weezie?