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Oct 31, 2011 12:43 AM

Sunday in Amsterdam

Will only be able to do a dinner once this trip in Amsterdam... De Kas and some others seem to be closed on Sundays.

What will my best choice be?

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  1. Lestage or Restaurant As.

    1. What about Bussia: ? They are open for Sunday dinner according to their website.

      We've been there a couple of weeks ago and it was really good! We took the 4-course menu of the day, between my wife and me we alternated the dishes and got to try everything. The wine arrangement was really impressive as well/

      1. Sundays unfortunately are a little difficult in Amsterdam as many restaurants are closed. I actually wrote an entire post on it because of that.

        Lastage, As, and Bussia are all good options.

        Also look at Blauw for modern Indonesian a bit away from the center, Fyra for a cozy place with an international menu, or Hotel De Goudfazant for a hip, industrial looking restaurant with a French menu on the other side of the water in the north of Amsterdam.


        1. Hi.. any updates to recommended restaurants that are open on Sunday? We'll be there in August. Thanks.

          Update.. I found a more current thread with several recommendations.

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            one of my current favorites, Op de Tuin
            is open on Sundays.

            seasonal, a little different, not expensive, great service, and if the weather permits eating outside, a lovely little terrace.

            1. re: Klary

              Thanks.. their menu does look very good. And interestingly, while I typically end up with the vegetarian menu, their 3 course menu has stuff that I'd be happy to eat, and while my wife doesn't usually order vegetarian, she'd be happy with the 3 course vegetarian menu. And they even had an English menu on the website. My only complaint: the music that plays when you visit their site!

              1. re: MisterBill2

                We are leaving in under 3 weeks, so I figure I should make a decision of where to eat. Op de Tuin seems like a good choice and appears to be pretty easy to get to from where we are staying (Hotel Fita), I can just take the 3 tram. Is there anyplace else that you would recommend instead? As I mentioned in the other thread about Rijsttafel, it seems that Django is the most convenient. Both Django and Op de Tuin seems to be open on Sunday, so that makes things a little more flexible, although I would like to make reservations in advance.

          2. Usually I avoid Hotel Restaurants, but in our hotel, the Doubletree Hilton Centraal Station, the 3 course, 35 euro
            dinner included almost every item on the menu, including an
            excellent lobster thermador.

            This hotel restaurant is certainly open on Sundays. Don't miss the rhubarb crepe for dessert, or the bouillabaisse if you like that.