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Oct 30, 2011 08:13 PM

short trip report

At the airport now, and am missing the food already! Here is a run down of our second trip to Vegas.
In a nutshell:

THEcafe at THEhotel: breakfast: blue crab eggs beni, fruit bowl and pancakes. Great breakfast place, got a certificate for 60% and used it for the $50 amount. Great breakie that tied us over all day.

Fleur: wait staff was very attentive; same deal on the certificate. Loved the affogato, has the three drink sampler (both of them); strong that night, even DH thought so! Maple ribs were tender and smokey but just no caramelization which we love (blackened bits). Oysters were smallish; loved the artichoke dish as well as eating the anchovy from DH's caesar salad. Cheese plate was great. Onion soup shooters were sublime!

Payard for crepes: three times, three different crepes. WE got our fix. Generous with fillings, slightly crispy outside and tender inside.

E: OMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I am ruined for life. IF there is any criticism and this is stretching it, is that the food was slightly salty all around. We had the alocoholic and non alcoholic pairings. The menu has changed and if you like anything spherical or orbs, you will be in heaven. The company was great and the staff interaction was perfect! It is the best "show" on the strip! Run, don't walk, to this place. We spent a lot on that meal, but it was worth it; we skipped yet another Cirque show and enjoyed this much more! We only got reservations a few weeks ago, if that, so try even if you think it's too late. People do cancel.

In and Out - OK, don't hate me. I had to see what all the fuss was about. You know, it wasn't bad for fast food. I don't think I'd have it again though.

DOCG: went in just for the salted caramel budino for desset. YUM!

Whole Foods: Went in to buy some water and such and bought pizza to eat at the airport tonight.
Very good thin crust. Had the cheese and sauce was fresh tasting. Bought also some porchetta to take home and will have for supper in sandwiches tomorrow so I don't have to cook. Bought one of those cooler bags there so it's all good!

Bon Bread at Town Square: around the corner from Whole Foods: white chocolate bread: bought three loaves after sampling, plus some olive bread and sourdough as well as brioche. Taking it all home.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I take it that Bon Bread location is open to the public?

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      Yes, it is. But, get there early if you can. They sell out. On a side note, we walked over to Whole Foods and bought porchetta which was very nicely done. Cut open the bread from bon bread and had an outstanding sandwich topped with rapini from Whole Foods too. Brought a loaf of white chocolate bread to work today with plain whipped cream cheese and it was gone quickly.

    2. Thanks for your report! I loved e by Jose Andres when I was in LV in April, and am definitely planning to return when I come back to LV In March! I had the non-alcoholic beverage pairings, and they were perfect for me.