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Oct 30, 2011 07:18 PM

Black cherry smoothie discontinued at Panera

I'm very sad to report that the black cherry smoothie from Panera has been discontinued. I found this out on Saturday, during the lunch rush, after waiting 10 mins in line to order it, then another 10 minutes waiting for them to make it for me, when I was finally told. Then 5 minutes for a refund. The whole thing was pretty irritating, but I'm just really disappointed they don't make it anymore, This was one of my favorite things. Low in calories, filling, and super tasty. I haven't been able to find another like it anywhere.

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  1. I'm still pretty devasted by this but decided it was time to let it go and stopped in at Panera tonight for a salad. I was telling the manager how deeply devasted I was about the black cherry smoothie being removed from the menu and he graciously made me a sample of the new Cranberry Orange smoothie. It was pretty good. Worth a trip back. Sort of like a creamsicle only with a more cranberry taste. I liked it. They are always so nice in there...I can't stay mad at them forever.

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      Bobannon did they say whether it was a seasonal change and may come back, or has been dropped for good? What you described above made me wonder if they are now doing fall themed foods.

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        That's what I was hoping too, but he said, "I guess black cherry didn't sell very well, maybe they'll bring it back sometime". So, I don't think he really knew but it didn't sound very promising. Hopefully it will be back. I can get by on cranberry orange in the mean time.

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          Out of the blue, I asked about it today, and they told me it's coming back for summer!

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            Hey, you made my day! I'll watch for it. Thanks!