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McD's as a food genre all to its own

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So I rarely get fast food anymore, but if I want something drive through I never consider any place other than McD's. (And this would be maybe once every few months.) I think the reason being that it is a whole other type of substance, something that I can appreciate. A filet-o-fish or a plain cheeseburger resemble and taste/feel more like play food than like any other food chain, much less something you'd make at home. Spongy, soft, sweet but savory -- crispy fries that are very good even though they are preserved up the wazoo. Nothing about the cheeseburger resembles anything I have in my kitchen, is that beef? Did my daughter just give me her playdough burger?
No offense intended, but it reminds me some of the doughy, savory chinese bakery sweets I've had like the hot dog and corn buns. Dissolve in your mouth and leave you vaguely registering that you've eaten.Anyone else experience McD's this way?

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  1. My life would be a little less complete if I didn't have my regular Filet-O-Fish and Vanilla Milkshake from McDonald's.

    1. Sure, I can have that at lunch and then decide to make burgers for supper because I haven't had one in a long time. Different animals.

      1. It's strange - I can't think of another fast food-item that earns as much devotion from chowhounds as the filet-o-fish sandwich. I've never liked it, so does anyone want to comment on what's so unusually awesome about it?

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          My roommate loves it as well, but I have no idea why.

          I don't mind McDonald's, although I'm not a huge fan. I enjoy their burgers every once-in-a-while, as well as a handful of their breakfast items and even their *GASP* chicken nuggets. Plus, I could put their hot mustard sauce on almost any savory item I ate and be a bit happier. (Ok, that's an exaggeration - I don't need anyone telling me that I'm a "typical American" and I shouldn't drown my food in sauce.) The point is, I'm not disgusted by fast food, and I don't mind eating it.

          But try as I might, I can not manage to choke down those filet-o-fish sandwiches. I'm not expecting a lot from a fast food fish sandwich, and will eat one elsewhere, but the McD one seems worse than any. I assume it's fried, but it's always mushy. Shouldn't there be some crunch? And it reaches a new low of flavorless fast food fish blandness. I just can't find anything good about it. Every so often, when people are raving about it, I decide to give it a shot again. And I find that it is as bad as ever.

          Why does it have such a cult following?

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            I truly enjoy the Filet-o-Fish. Something about the combination of the soft, steamed bun, the tartness of their tartar sauce, and the crunchy fish coating just makes for a satisfying sandwich. I don't obsess over it or have wild cravings for them, but I'm grateful for their Lenten specials!

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              Doesn't the F o' F have the highest fat content, or is it the hightes calories of their sandwiches? Might have something to do with the popularity.

              I've spent many hours of my life in their drive through. Try to avoid it entirely now, but admit a weakness for the sausage burritos, and biscuit sandwiches on their am menu.

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                F of F has 380 calories and 18 fat grams. Regular c'burger has 300/12, Quarter Pounder w/cheese has 510/26, Big Mac has 540/29, sausage biscuit is 430/27 and sausage burrito is 300/16.