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cooking magazines

I have hundreds of old cooking magazines and I have tried every possible venue, including cooking schools, family and consumer science classes, used book stores, libraries, free cycle, etc. I can't think of just throwing them away. Any ideas??

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  1. Bundle by year and offer on Craigslist? Freecycle?

    1. Have you tried preschools? We use lots of magazines for collages, and have been doing a ton of nutrition activities lately, so if you were ok with them being cut up, that might be an option.

      1. I know how you feel. I bundled them by month (several year's worth), so had a bundle of Thanksgiving, one of Christmas, one for barbeque, etc... Gave most away at a rummage sale.
        But sadly, most have gone into the recycling bin.

        1. Sometimes things that you can't give away unfortunately are best off recycled. Alot of places won't take old magazines or books for fear of communicable diseases. If you can't give them away, I fear recycling them might be your only option.

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            you don't want to end up on an episode of hoarders . . . . .

          2. Send them to me! I adore hunting down recipes to save. I have 4 'cookbooks' made up of magazine cuttings.
            But I'm in England, so perhaps not...

            1. I'd take some.

              Call your local Community College library and see if they have a book swap rack, ours does. My wife subscribes to National Geographic and Psychology Today. When she's done reading them we put them on the swap rack for others to enjoy.

              1. Gourmet and Saveur are very salable on Ebay.

                1. I have sold many magazines on ebay. Make someone happy with an issue they've been seaching for, and make a little money. Win-win.

                  1. hospital waiting rooms -- not just the main one, but all the different ones.

                    senior living facilities

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                      +1 to hospital waiting rooms--when my DH was in for a couple of days earlier this year, I sat in various waiting rooms reading the latest news of 2008

                      So I took in a bunch of our most recent magazines, after cutting out the address labels, and just left them in the racks.

                      At my previous job at a largish office, we had a used book/magazine sale to raise money for charity. I brought in a bunch of old "Cooking Light" mags and they sold for 50 cents each.

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                        i like "cooking light" magazine, too.

                        i got the hospital waiting room idea as we were in the diagnostics lab waiting room. how many freakin' issues of "people" and "golf review" magazine do people need? gyaaaah! and there are various departmental "waiting rooms" all over the hospital. and then there are "floor" waiting rooms in the ICU levels. then there are the "pink ladies" who distribute magazines and books, etc. lots of need there in the hospital -- for patients and visitors.

                        a fat mr. sharpie is good to cross out addresses instead of tearing the cover. there is also this new "rolling stamper" that creates a cross-hatch design which obliterates addresses, account numbers, etc. (supposedly). that kind of stuff i shred where it is important.

                        ps, coney, i hope your husband is doing better. ;-).

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                          Thanks, alkapal, he's doing OK. Fortunately this time it was not as serious as some of his previous visits.

                          Like you, I got to see the various waiting rooms at our nearby large hospital...

                    2. I'd take a lot of them and pay for shipping! I can't believe you're having a hard time getting rid of them!

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                        Please let me know how many you would like and what type, year, etc. Where do you live?

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                          I'll really take anything, if you can pack them in one of those Flat Rate boxes from USPS, you can really pack them full for any weight. I've been getting Cooking Light and Savuer for awhile. And within the last couple of years have been getting Bon Appetit and Food Network magazine on and off. So, I don't need any of those from recent years.

                          What do you have?

                          I'm in Minnesota.