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Oct 30, 2011 05:40 PM

Ketchum/Sun Valley

Just returned from a weekend in Sun Valley and Ketchum. Tried to have dinner at Dashi but our schedule was uncertain, and the restaurant was full. The menu looked great and the restaurant smelled so time. So we went to the Ketchum Grill and had wonderful pastas and salads. It is a cozy, local place that we have enjoyed in the past and had another really good meal at as well. The homemade ice cream is good. Service...excellent. Had lunch at Rickshaw (Friday's only, dinner most nights). Great Asian street food. Fun...always busy it seems. Stayed at the Sun Valley Inn. Very nice to have a casual dinner there after a day of travel. Good food and excellent service. Finished this am with breakfast at the Kneadery...another good local place for breakfast or lunch.

Valley Inn Restaurant
1997 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80227

Ketchum Grill
PO Box 205, Ketchum, ID 83340

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  1. Gosh, there are so few posts on Ketchum that I'll add. We go twice a year or so and have favorites. We had another nice meal at Dashi last weekend--everything was terrific. Asian fusion gets a bad name but when done well, it's great. We had summer rolls, lobster rolls in soy paper, clam ramen and pork belly ramen. My husband was hoping for the elk with foie gras butter that was on the menu in March but alas, and he loved his meal anyway.

    The Pioneer was great as always. It's not a "foodie" type place, but if you think you'd like a local institution steakhouse, go. I love the trout--it's always done right (it's always a special--they have it every day, but it's not on the menu).

    The Kneadery is good for breakfast.

    Christina's is another favorite and worth raving about. Everything is exquisite. Everything. Even if you just order a tuna salad sandwich, it is done so well. The cookies and pastries in the to go case are out of this world. I am not a big cookie eater but I cannot resist those perfect little thumbprints, mexican wedding cookies, linzer and such. The lemonade is wonderful, and they'll make you a half and half with iced tea. Beautiful outdoor patio seating. Just a wonderful place. Prices are higher than you'd expect, but when you see the quality and attention to detail, they seem reasonable.

    I also like the Rickshaw for inexpensive Asian street food type meals. They have to-go homemade potstickers, which is nice if you have a place to cook.

    If you need sandwiches or salads for hiking or whatnot, Atkinson's has a good selection. I like the Vietnamese prepared foods they have-summer rolls, noodle salads, etc. There is a small but very good salad bar in the produce department.