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Oct 30, 2011 04:11 PM

Poker? I hardly know her!

We are starting a once a month poker night with friends and have volunteered to host the first one. What should I serve? Waht do you serve? I do have a few requirements: It must be easy to make, or make ahead, easy to eat, probably finger foody or bite sized, and nothing sticky or greasy that will transfer to the cards

So far I'm thinking along the lines of baked egg rolls and flavored/spicy popcorns (including my famous Gingerbread Carmel Corn. What else shoudl I be thinking of?

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  1. You could have fun with different deviled eggs, like a chipotle one. That would work well for your requirements.

    1. sliders or sandwich bites

      1. I'm with both Kate's and Rockles' ideas. In my experience, people don't sit and eat while they play poker. Rather, they take a break and eat between hands, which lessens the dirty card issue.

        I've cooked for a few poker parties and the menus followed what the participants were into drinking. If it was a beer and soda group, pork or beef barbecue sliders on little potato rolls, or chili, or little muffuletta sandwiches worked great, and all can be done ahead. You could also consider little Chicago beef or French dip sandwiches. A crock pot can keep the meat hot for you until you are ready to eat.

        I've also had one group who drank high end wine, bourbon and single malts, and went with a platter of antipasti with good quality meats, cheeses, peppers, olives, great bread, etc. No cooking involved with this.

        1. When we did poker nights, we always took a break for wings, but snacked on pistachios, Sam Adams and bourbon while playing. lol What can I say, it was a tradition.

          We had fun getting creative with the wing sauces. :)

          1. When we did poker nights, we started off with real meal first, such as, fried chicken, burgers, pulled pork or pizza. This allowed people to unwind, have a few drinks and fill their bellies.

            During play, most of the time people drank or smoked cigars. Food kind of got in the way.

            During breaks is people snacked and ate leftovers.