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Oct 30, 2011 04:10 PM

Chestnut Butter - soak, roast & other questions

Does anyone have any tips on making chestnut butter (I'm imagining a peanut-butter like substance)?

Does one roast or boil the chestnuts? Recipes seem to call for boiling which I'm sure makes them easier to peel, but that would seem less flavorful...

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  1. I don't have a recipe.

    But I think I see the challenge. Most nuts have a good amount of fat so that when you puree them they get creamy.

    Chestnuts are more starchy than fatty so they won't get creamy the same way, I don't think. More crumbly.

    That's one of the fantastic things about chestnuts in fact -- low fat.

    I guess what you would end up with is a chestnut puree. I have some canned chestnut puree on my shelf from France that just has chestnuts and water.

    I've seen recipes that use chicken broth or milk to thin the puree. Some use a little butter maybe to smooth it out. If you want it as a spread for toast or things like that you could put a little sugar in and maybe some vanilla bean.

    So it depends on what you will use it for.

    Others will have recommendations on roasting v. boiling.

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      Thanks karykat. I did not attempt to make this yet, but consulted a store bought jar.

      Ingredients: chestnuts, sugar, pectin, natural flavoring

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