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Oct 30, 2011 03:15 PM

grits in vancouver

I recently had the delicious eggs and grits at Williamsburg's very cute Egg: http://www.pigandegg.com/ The grits were coarse ground and white, and when I asked the server she said they were cooked with milk. They were creamy yet al dente and really quite superb.The seasonal vegetable was steamed black kale, and the eggs were very nicely poached. A lovely breakfast, and I wish I'd thought to photograph it rather than my glass of OJ.

Now back in Vancouver, I'd love to replicate this dish but have found grits to be fairly scarce here. Admittedly I haven't made an exhaustive search, but thought perhaps one of my fellow chowhounds might have already sussed this out.

Any suggestions?

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  1. They have extremely coarse white hominy grits (printed as "corn grit") at El Sureno, 1730 Commercial, $2.49/lb.
    Tasty, but probably want to soak these monster sized grits for a day prior to cooking though.

    1. I'd be surprised if Whole Foods don't sell a few varieties of grits.

      1. Famous Foods should have some.....I'm sure I've seen Bob's Red Mills brand there.

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          In which case, a lot of stores would have it (Red Mill seen in many stores ie: IGA, Save-On-Foods, Famous Foods, Choices, etc):


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            In my experience, I haven't seen a huge amount of availability of hominy grits. Non-alkali treated corn ground fairly coarsely? Yeah. Bob's Red Mill has that available here in Canada and most stores that carry a decent selection of BRM can get it from their current supplier. Most grits I've seen are of the yellow, non-alkali treated variety and that just isn't right in my mind.

            This thread is definitely one I'll keep an eye on though 'cause I'd love to find some good ol' white grits.

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              Exactly, thatwhileifound! I'm looking for white grits like they used at Egg. I've emailed them to see what their brand is. Will follow up on here when I've found some.

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                I'm looking for bulk, organic, whole or ground, dry white (hominy) grits in either Victoria or Vancouver. I hand-grind my own corn now for corn meal and morning grits. But, as the corn treated with lye (preferably made from wood ashes and water) is nutritionally far superior, I am hoping to replace the corn with hominy. If you find a source, please let me know (and I'll do the same!)

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                  Que Pasa in Richmond grinds organic hominy to make their tortilla products. They sell their fresh masa to the public in their storefront (call ahead) so perhaps they will sell you their hominy? Worth a phone call to find out.

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                    I'll give them a call, fmed, that's a great suggestion. I've called around and found no stone-ground white grits. They are available from a number of mills in the US, so I might bring in a 20lb bag if anyone is interested in some...