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Oct 30, 2011 02:35 PM

Boca Raton Mizner park area rec needed

I am looking for a place around Mizner Park for a pre-concert dinner Friday night. I have MoQuila at the top of my options right now unless there might be something better recommended. It has to be semi-casual and nothing too expensive.


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  1. Unfortunately Moquila is closed. Uncle Julio's is pretty good and right next to the venue.

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    1. re: coffeyucf

      Moquila has closed again? I thought they recently re-opened. I get a phone number disconnected message when I call. What a bummer as I already had something selected off of their menu.

      Both Uncle Julio and Curries n More I have been to but am looking for something new to try. It doesn't have to in Mizner but located very near it. Max's menu looked very boring to me as well. Boca Skewers looks interesting and Villagio might be an option as well. Thanks.

    2. Villagio right by the valet parking stand is nice, not too pricey and better than Max's. I can never find anything I like on Max's menu.

      1. Definitely Boca Skewers. You could also do Curries & More, if you don't mind a 5 minute walk. I find the places in Mizner Park itself to be overpriced and underwhelming.

        1. I have not been here yet - and it is a few miles south. But knowing you are adventurous, perhaps...

          Of course there's also Charm City or El Jefe as well.

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            I'd love to go to El Jefe but my friend doesn't want to go that far from Mizner. I will get there one day. I will check out Rock Steady and see if it might fit the bill.

          2. I recommend you head a little south of Mizner on Fed hwy to The Lodge... Great Selection of beers on Tap, great burgers and fries.

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            1. re: SaminSFL

              The Lodge has also been closed and for quite some time.