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May 1, 2006 05:03 PM

Philly's Best in Santa Clarita.

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Is the food still good? I have saved an earlier post from August but have not gotten out to Santa Clarita to try this place. Before I go out there I need to know if its worth the drive.

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  1. From where are you driving? I ask only because there's also a branch in San Dimas. I've been pleased with both the cheesesteak and the hoagie at that location. If San Dimas is closer than Santa Clarita, then maybe you should go in that direction.

    It's not responsive to your query, but since it sounds like Santa Clarita is a schlep, it would be unfortunate if you drove all the way out there (at $3.25/gallon) when there was one closer to you. The San Dimas location opened around labor day last year.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      There's also a branch in Garden Grove/Stanton. I found the food just so-so, and not worth a schlep of more than a mile or so . . . .

      1. re: Dorothy

        Sorry guys, I should have mentioned that I live in Simi Valley and have friends in Santa Clarita. I was going to take them over there one day.

        1. re: Dave Gee

          we eat there often and yes it is good. Both the philly and hoagie items are good. The pickles are the very best also. They also have one of those card things where if you buy like 10 you get one free.

      2. re: Jack Flash
        Reality Check

        One of the newer locations is Walnut. They are expanding at a pretty quick pace. The worst location is Placentia. Bad service, food isn't always fresh, and I would bet they use less meat on the hoagies and cheesesteaks than other locations.

        I find the food at Philly's Best, both cheesesteaks and hoagies, to be good but priced on the high side.

        If you're in OC, try John's Philly Grill, which is much better.

        1. re: Jack Flash

          I went here today in Santa Clarita and I can vouch for good eats at this joint. The prices are fair, there are tons of condiments on the table to make peculiar your own tastes.

          We got a Philly's Best cheese steak, and a cheese burger, and pizza fries. The cheese steak was pretty good but not the best, but what was surprising was their cheese burger! Wow, the buns really hit the spot and every ingredient was flowing like the Colorado river. The pizza fries: fries, marinara sauce, and cheese whiz, nothing to gloat about.

          Overall, will be a returner hopefully with consistent results. Love the amaroso bread with a passion.