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Oct 30, 2011 01:51 PM

Brandy suggestions

I received a bottle of brandy for my birthday yesterday and I'm not quite sure what kind of drinks (if any) to make with it. I checked around on CH for ideas but didn't come across much. I don't drink a lot of liquor (mostly beer and wine for me, the odd vodka drink here and there) so brandy is pretty new to me. Is it best drank straight up or mixed? Warm drink recipes for cool autumn/winter nights would also be nice.

Looking forward to suggestions from you experienced brandy connoisseurs out there. Thanks.

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  1. Well, it all depends... What kind of brandy is it?

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    1. A quick Googling suggests it's Canadian rather than French. It looks to me like a brandy best for mixing rather than drinking straight. Side cars are the most famous classic brandy cocktail, and it's a good use for it: 4 pts brandy, 2 pts lemon juice, 1-2 pts Cointreau.

      I also love making a basic hot toddy: add lemon juice and honey to a shot of brandy and enough hot/boiling water to make for a mug.

      1. I just got back from New Orleans, and the discovery of the Brandy Milk Punch was proof of a loving deity.

        It is a classic brunch cocktail (and very New Orleans), but it paired quite well my chicken and potato lunch at Galatoire's. Here's the standard recipe:

        1.5 oz. of brandy
        1 oz. simple syrup
        1/2 bar spoon of quality vanilla extract
        2-3 oz. of Half & Half

        Add all ingredients into a shaker glass. Add some ice and shake for about 20 second. Strain over fresh ice in an Old Fashioned glass and top with a little bit of fresh nutmeg.

        It was an excellent drink.

        1. Not a brandy connoisseur, but I like a Brandy Crusta every now and then.

          1. Here's a timely post: 5 Essential Brandy Cocktails by Michael Dietsch


            One is a Pisco Sour, so that doesn't count (although I suppose you could try it with your Canadian brandy).

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