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Oct 30, 2011 01:17 PM

Best Yellow Curry in PDX

Yes, yes we have all been to Pok Pok; It's great and I'm not dissing it. What I'm looking for is a great yellow curry. Our neighborhoods are replete with small family owned operations that will make this a huge task if I'm not aided by local foodies. Please help me out: Whose yellow curry stands out from the crowd?

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

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  1. Well, not sure if you are talking about something like khao soi or a massaman curry.

    Pok Pok and Chiang Mai make some of the best khao soi in town. Red Onion (and also Dang's in Lake O. - which was owned by Dang who now owns Red Onion) makes a great Massaman curry with beef and pumpkin.

    I like Chiang Mai, Red Onion and Chaba Thai for most of my Thai needs in town.

    Actually, I kind of adore Chiang Mai. I am addicted to things there such as:

    khai luk koei - deep fried boiled eggs, onion and roasted chili topped with tamarind sauce

    gang hung lay - pork belly, pineapple tamarind, ginger stew

    khao tod nam kook with sour sausage - crispy rice and sour sausage "salad" (it's worth the extra $ for the sour pork)

    Pok Pok
    3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

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      Thank you, you've given me a great list of places to try. I can't wait to head to these restaurants and try them out. I appreciate it.

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        No problem...if only this board would be more about locals talking about food rather than giving advice to tourists... No problem with the latter, just wish there was more of the former around here. That's why I spend way more time on

        Seriously though, that crispy rice salad at Chiang Mai is like crack. You are forewarned!

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          I look forward to it! And speaking of crack - that's what I call the pretzels with cheese curd that they are serving at Marriott's Original off Pine and 6th. They serve it with pureed maple, tomato and bacon. yum.

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            By the way, I'm highly impressed that you are pulling from NE, SE and SW for your answers. I agree with you about Red Onion/Dang's Massaman curry. Though I confess, I'm not too keen on the yellow curry, but I'll try the other places that you mentioned. Thank you, again!

      2. I just had a yellow curry soup at Lela's Bistro on NW 23rd and it was really good. It comes with either rice noodles or a baguette. I highly recommend you try it. Their Banh Mi sandwiches are good too.

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          Thank you, Porky! I'll give it a try.