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Oct 30, 2011 12:42 PM

Favorite "make on weekend, eat during the week", meals

With an 8 month old whose dinner/bath/bed ritual takes up the hour and a half when I get home from work, I'm starting to do lots of "cook on the weekend, reheat during the week" meals in addition to always having a stash of stews, soups and whatnot in my freezer. With a husband whose often working nights, I wrestle with getting my little one down before she has an overtired meltdown and not living on pb&j (or the Trader Joe's panko breaded chicken tenders).

So far, some of my favorite things to make have been:
Shepherds Pie
Eggplant Parm
Roast Chicken

Any other suggestions of things that can be made/prepped on the weekend, and then popped in the oven for a weeknight dinner? Things with "flexible" timing are best, as some nights I can get her to sleep in 10 minutes, other nights it's the better part of an hour, so I can't really pay too much attention to what's cooking. It's usually a "leave it and forget it" kind of a thing.

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  1. We grill a lot of b/s chicken breasts, but in the winter, I love some of these:
    Oven beef stew
    Spaghetti and Meatballs (skinnytaste has an awesome recipe for meatballs)
    Pot pies (home made)
    Macaroni and cheese

    1. I've done a bag of chicken thighs I leave soaking in the fridge for a couple of days with soy, red chili, and a can of pineapple. I just throw them on a baking sheet while I steam rice and a veggie. If I'm feeling fancy I sprinkle sesame seed and cilantro on top when I serve.

      I've also made a sort of fake stroganoff in the slow cooker. I leave beef stew meat, plenty of mushrooms, wine or beer (whatever I need to use) and various spices. Just before serving, I usually mix in a little low fat sour cream.

      I love chicken in the slow cooker with black beans, tomatoes, green chilis, corn, etc. I've used various things and then serve with rice or tortillas, depending upon how much energy I have. In this same vein, enchilladas and chili verde are both good.

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        Just made a huge batch of Indian dal that will feed us many lunches this week, used the new Slow Cooker Revolution recipe (by the America's Test kitchen's pretty good but if it's for adult consumption i would triple the spices).

        Another idea: refrigerated pizza dough can be quickly stretched and sprinkled with weekend-prepped toppings, popped into the oven and enjoyed 15 minutes later or at room temp much later. We've been in your shoes and although it's been many years now we still remember what that stage is like. Best of luck finding a way to enjoy it all.

      2. Frittata.

        I've been on the low-carb diet for a while and was getting tired of making scrambled eggs with kale or chard every morning. Now I make a giant frittata on Sunday nights and have breakfast ready for the week.

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        1. re: CarrieWas218

          The slow cooker is my best friend for these types of things:

          Slow cooker pulled pork - get a good quality rub, put it on a boston butt, and use a couple of drops of liquid smoke, and put it in the slow cooker on low all day. I like mine wet, and have messed around with different sauces to also cook in the slow cooker, but haven't found anything better than what comes out of the bottle yet.

          I wouldn't really classify this one as "home made" but its simple and takes almost no active time:
          Get one of those bags of assorted dried beans (or mix and match your own), and soak them over night. In the morning, strain, transfer to the slow cooker with a couple of cans of tomatos (add a can or two of the diced w/ green chilies for some spice) and cook on low all day.

          Both of these keep really well during the week, and take very little time to make.

        2. Poached Chicken -- use it in many things, such as...
          Enchiladas -- make sauce, saute shredded chicken with onions and green chiles, fill tortillas, bake in sauce... freeze in individual portions.
          Ratatouille -- make, freeze in individual portions, reheat, and stir in chicken and some ricotta or feta cheese and top with some fresh basil
          Stuffed Potatoes -- with anything you like; again freeze individually, top with chicken and sauce of choice

          Lentil Soup -- mine's very basic, diced onions, carrots, celery, lentils, veggie broth, cumin, coriander, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and something diced cauliflower
          Pizza Dough -- premake dough and refrigerate, prep toppings... preheat during bath, bake for 10 minutes
          Salmon Croquettes - i always have these in my freezer, sometimes mini, sometimes standard size; great with soup or salad or both
          Breakfast burritos -- egg, onion, potatoes, cheese, rosemary or thyme and parsley, garlic, all cooked then rolled and frozen; serve with salsa and/or sour cream
          Muffaletta -- good to make over the weekend to enjoy in the early part of the week, as the soaking time helps
          Meatloaf Muffin cups - meatloaf on bottom, cooked veggies in the middle, mashed potatoes on top, reheated with a little gravy

          ...hope something in there intrigues :)
          good luck!

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            +1 poached chicken: a great time-saver for weeknight meals, just to have on hand for chicken salad, tacos.. you name it. Similarly, you can pre-cook dried beans in the slow cooker during the day or overnight. What else..

            I'll generally make a hearty soup of a weekend, lentil or rustic veg, sometimes leaning toward a red meat-based braise/stew. These all reheat marvellously, as I'm sure you know.

            Savoury pies are also good, like if you want to assemble a pot pie or a quiche and store refrigerated until you're ready. These aren't as set-it-and-forget it as a slow cooker is, but if your oven has a timer and shut-off feature, you can better ensure your meal won't burn to a crisp if you're tied up. Also pretty forgiving here is a baked spinach dish as it will just get softer and creamier with more time in the oven (as long as it's covered), and the Kitchn site has a good recipe called Chinese No Clay Pot Chicken Casserole. I've made it without chicken too, just more vegetables, and it really holds up.

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              love the meatloaf muffin cup idea! thanks.

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                Try using pizza dough as bread sticks, make a marinara sauce on the weekend, having sliced pepperoni/cheese on the side. Makes a very filling meal, a little different than standard pizza.

              2. Braises. Veal shanks and short ribs come to mind. Thomas Keller has an excellent braised chicken recipe. We make this stuff on the weekend and eat 'em during the week. Leftovers are killer.

                Lasagna. So many good lasagna recipes out there. Leftovers are much better than the day-one stuff (we never eat it on day one).


                Cassoulet. D'Artagnan has a mail-order kit that is excellent.

                These are a few things we do here in Sou'west Connecticut. Weekends are made for baseball, football and cooking.