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Oct 30, 2011 12:37 PM

Is Sang Kee in Cherry Hill open?

I remember hearing that Sang Kee was opening a place across from the Ellisburg Shopping Center. Has it opened? If so, is it in the shopping center which used to have I Goldberg in it? And any reports on how the food is?


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  1. I checked Yelp the other day, and it seems to be open. It is not where I. Goldberg was, it's a little past there in a small strip mall just past the Sunoco gas station. Hven't been able to stop in yet, I think it's been open about 2 weeks.

    1. It's open. Tried to go there on Sat to get a menu, but they don't open till 11:30, and no menu in the window. It's in a new center where the Atlantic Book Company building was located. Next to one of those 24 Hour emergency care centers. (just south of car wash) Weird location...hope they do well there.

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        Ahhhhh....i remember the old Atlantic books...Thanks for clarifying. Would love a report if you get there when they are open.

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          Sang Kee is next to the LabCorp office in "Premier Plaza", it is not open on Tuesday's.

        2. I work just a few blocks up Kings Hwy and I was very excited when they opened. I went and got take out and I have to say I was very disappointed. A more limited menu than the Philadelphia location, and what I had was not very good. I will be going back, probably this coming week to see if it was just the problems almost every new restaurant goes through. I hope things are better, would be nice to have some good noodles near-by.

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            Just tonight I passed a new place on 73 South; between the NJ Turnpike exit and Sage Diner (Mt. Laurel), that is called something like Japanese Noodle House and Grill. I don't usually go that way, but due to traffic, ended up there. Wondering if anyone knows anything about this place. Seemed to be fairly crowded at 5:30 when I drove by.

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              I've has two awesome lunches there. The wonton noodle soup with roast pork is right on, just like the philly location. The duck is also the same. No more trips to the city

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                I tend to agree with Moose above... with one carry out so far. I tried the shrimp dumpling noodle soup and was not "WOW'ed". It was good but nothing special. I will try something else next time.

                btw, the place was packed with customers on the Friday evening just after Thanksgiving.

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                  I also had the shrimp dumpling noodle soup a month or so ago. The broth was like dishwater. Very sad.

                  1. re: hungry100

                    I ate the wonton noodle soup with roasted pork this afternoon for lunch. The broth was sublime.