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Oct 30, 2011 12:10 PM

Thanksgiving dinner to go?

My son is a grad student who recently moved to Seattle and our family will be heading to Seattle over Thanksgiving to visit him. What are the best options for a Thanksgiving dinner to go? We'd prefer to pick up a complete dinner somewhere and have it family style than to head to a restaurant for the holiday. Thanks!

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  1. All the grocery stores do them with slight variations. Also, some restaurants - Last year I got mine from Smokin Petes in Ballard and the smoked turkey was awesome. Order soon, as most sell out.

    1. Besides the basic grocery stores, you might look into PCC natural markets and of course, whole foods (meals can be viewed online).

      Pcc is a seattle-area gourmet natural market I thnk 6 outlets around the area from Edmond, Redmond, Greenlake, West Seattle, etc.) with a great deli, cooking school and flavorful foods that might really fit the bill for a take away Thksgvg meal that satifies...