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Oct 30, 2011 11:27 AM

Where to Eat, Shop, and Stay "Jewishly" Near Secaucus New Jersey

I am planning a road trip to Secaucus New Jersey and I would like to compile a list of the best places to go in the general area. Which Costco or Sam's would have the best selection of kosher products? I also wouldn't mind getting in some shopping for the family. I would also appreciate some suggestions where I could eat, nothing too fancy, and hotels to stay at that are "safe".



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  1. Really depends where in secaucus you are. Parts are only about ten minutes from passaic which has all the Jewish resources you'd need.

    1. I will be in the Meadowlands Convention Center area

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        Luk: Deiscane is right on the money. There are HORDES of hotels on Route 3 in the area, and they is a an Acme with a full service deli and bakery near Rt. 3 in Clifton.

        There is a Howard Johnson on the same side of the highway, with a back road (Allwood) to travel between the 2.

        What kind of shopping do you want to do? Outlets at the Meadowland?

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          Is there an amazing savings, I've never been there but have heard of it - or other similar places that carry shabbos type housewares, the best costco or sams for kosher items. I am also interested in seeing what special kosher food and non-food items are available in the US. I would also like to go to Trader Joe. In addition, regular family shopping - Macy's etc..

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            You will need a car to go anywhere and do anything.

            Shopping: There's a series of outlets in Seacaucus, and I'd try those first. For good Jewish shopping, the easiest drive is probably Monsey, where my grandmother (a"h) used to be Amazing Savings' biggest shopper; then try Wesley Kosher for specialty kosher foods. There are plenty of malls and such within a 20-30 minute drive: more outlets at Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, a few exits away on the Turnpike, a more conventional mall, the Paramus Park mall, near Teaneck (closed on Sunday), and an enormous mall, the Palisades mall, near Monsey. There's a Trader Joe's in Paramus, near Teaneck. Their information is: 404 Rt. 17 North
            Paramus, NJ 07652
            Phone Number: 201-265-9624
            Trading Hours: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm

            What sort of restaurants are you interested in? The best nearby restaurants are mostly in Teaneck.

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              Thank you for all your suggestions. I would like to have a solid breakfast and then probably pick up something to take back to the hotel - probably chicken and vegetables.

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                Luk, Gila is correct in her information, but since this is your first time visiting, I STRONGLY suggesty you join the Yahoo group PassaicShuls to get info on what stores to visit in Passaic for deals. Monsey is a bit of a schlep when you don't know where you are going.

                Where are you visiting from?

                Also... for Costco, you will to get a day pass to do shopping. They only accept AMEX Discover (I think) and ATM cards for payment..., can you go with a friend who membership there?

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                  Costco does require a membership, as does Sam's Club and BJs (all similar-style warehouse discount clubs). Call and ask the store if they'll give you a day pass allowing you to shop, but don't assume that they will. Also, I don't know that it's the best stop if you're flying in from somewhere, as it seems you are - they sell in BULK, and I can't think of many things I'd want to buy there that would be practical to fit into a suitcase home. On the plus side, if you don't have an AMEX or debit card, they do still take cash :)

                  The reason I'd opt for Monsey over Passaic is because Monsey offers full-fledged kosher supermarkets, rather than smaller kosher stores, with a range of kosher specialty products that's broader than you'll find in smaller communities, Passaic included. (Or at least, that's what I assume. Admittedly, I've never shopped in Passaic, although I've often visited family there.) If it's important to lukfam to get to an Amazing Savings, as (s)he has mentioned, (s)he'll already be in Monsey, as I'm pretty sure that's the closest Amazing Savings to Secaucus. Once there, one might as well take advantage of the better shopping for other Jewish stuff, food and non-food alike.

                  I've never eaten breakfast out in Teaneck - anybody have suggestions?

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                    I have a costco and sams membership. which location has the best selections of kosher foods?

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                      Breakfast: Mocha Bleu, or for the all american experience, Dunkin Donuts

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                        Just to let you know, Passaic does have an Amazing Savings, a kosher supermarket called Kosher Connection, several kosher restaurants, the Acme supermarket with kosher bakery and deli, and a Costco.
                        I do agree that there are probably nicer kosher food choices in Monsey and Teaneck.

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                          Actually, the OP specified s/he is planning a "road trip," so I don't think issues with flying are a concern.

                          If I had to guess, I would guess s/he is coming from Canada, so the suggestion elsewhere in the thread to go to Dunkin' Donuts for "the all american experience" is perhaps not really a major consideration. I'm not trying to insult Canadians, but the differences between there and the US aren't incredibly vast.

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                            Yes, I am coming from Montreal. Could you please tell me which is the best club for kosher products and which location. Thanks. By the way I am female and planning/hoping if all goes well, to attend Kosherfest 2011.

                            1. re: lukfam

                              Well, as my "name" implies, I live in Queens, NY, so I will be no help with anything in NJ. I imagine there are many here from various places in NJ, including Passaic and Teaneck. Someone must know about the local Costco vs. Sam's Club, but unfortunately, it's not me. I wonder why you are so married to the idea of the big box stores, though. I think all-kosher stores are usually a better bet for a wide range of products.

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                                okay....Costco is better then Sam's Club for kosher stuff. I can't remark on the Costco in Clifton, but I'll make an educated guess, they are similar in stock.

                                As for Shabbos housewares, are you specifically referring to the fancy disposable stuff?

                                Since your primary purpose is to do kosherfest...I still think Passaic will get you 80% of what you want with 20% of the driving.

              2. You will be very close to Teaneck with loads of Kosher restaurants and groceries in Cedar or Queen Anne/Englewood Cliffs areas.

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                  There is an amazing savings in Teaneck, as well as the Costco in Hackensack that has a kosher bakery, but dairy only. The Costoc also has kosher meat, chicken and fish. You also have glatt express and main glatt.

                  I'm not from teaneck but have shopped there, and would say that it is better bet than passaic, other than the Acme. Also, if you're looking for any kosehr wine, Shoppers Vineyard in clifton (not far from Acme) has a good selection and well priced.

                2. Passaic/Clifton is 10 minutes (or less) from Secaucus and Kosherfest.

                  You can get a good idea of what passaic has to offer here (Scroll down to "KOSHER FOOD IN PASSAIC-CLIFTON"):


                  Bagel Munch will be your best (only?) option for breakfast, but you can get coffee/hot chocolate along with danishes, rolls, etc. at Yochies bakery.

                  Acme has a Starbucks, and the entire bakery section is under the OU. this may be another breakfast option.

                  Costco (in Clifton) is "between" Secaucus and Passaic and is 3 - 5 minutes from any of the Passaic food venues.

                  Sams Club is in Secaucus proper.

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                    Thank you, this very specific information. It is very helpful since I am not familiar with the area!

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                      I find that Costco has many more products for the kosher consumer than Sam's Club. The last time I was in the Hackensack area they had raw chicken, fish, and I think beef; also a kosher (dairy) bakery, and lot's of kosher cheeses and kosher prepackaged items - MealMart prepared foods that can be reheated, packaged deli meats, etc. Not sure if you're looking to buy that sort of thing when you're far from home.

                      1. re: helou

                        A lot of Kirkland products have hashgacha as well. Not sure if you're looking to bring these kinds of things home...but maple syrup, spices, sugar, greek yogurt, nuts, choc covered dried fruit, candy.