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Oct 30, 2011 10:11 AM

Favorite vendors at the Dupont Farmers Market?

Hey all, went to the Dupont Farmers Market today for the second time (well, last week I went through it quickly because I had errands to run so I didn't buy anything) and really enjoyed myself. Picked up some cheese from the Keswick Creamery, honeycrisp apples from Toigo Orchards, sweet Italian sausage from a place I can't remember (they specialize in buffalo products though, it seems), and some pears. There was a bread stand at the back of the market that had quite a long line, so I passed on it, but now I'm kind of regretting it as there are no good bakeries around my area. I think it was called Atwater's, has anyone had their stuff? Just curious as to what everyone's favorite vendors and specific items are (especially meats and cheeses!).

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  1. Meat - You can't go wrong with Ecofriendly, especially the Pork - They are the 2nd stall in on the Driveway on the Mass Ave side. Check out the Pork chops, where you will find the most beautifully marbled pork in the area, and it is delicious - Their birds are also good, a couple of different kinds of chicken, and they are just getting into curing - The proscuitto is delicious, as well as the Bacon - But the other stuff I think they are putting out a bit early, it needs to cure more.

    The Cheese stand at the Other driveweay to the bank (don't know the name) is good - Try their Dragon's Breath if you like Spicy, and the Blue Suede Moo if you like Blue (it is very rich) - The feta is nice, I always toss some in Salads or with beets and/or tomatoes - The other cheeses are just OK.

    Atwaters is very nice, my favorite bread is Rosemary Italian but I also like the 11-Grain - The earlier you go, the better the line will be. Near them is also Red Apron, they sell some very nice cured meats - Skip the pre-sliced (hard to deal with) and pick up any whole sausages, especially if they have some of the little snacking-chorizo. The beef Jerkey is good but very flavorful (you taste the spice, not the meat) - Pick up a pate and some of their delicious Mustard. Be aware that most of they do is just a HAIR over-salted - They are getting better, however, as when they started everything that had Fennel Pollen as an ingredient tasted mostly of that.

    The Empanadas are good, and that stand also sells a delicious Seafood soup - Copper Kettle sells good but expensive Pastas - Make sure you get them on a cool day and in the freezer before they thaw, or they will be a complete mess buy the time you cook them (and cook from Frozen).

    As for Veggies, I usually just see what looks the freshest and go from there - Good luck!

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      Awesome, thanks so much! The Dragon's Breath was at the Keswick Creamery stand. I had some and liked it a lot, although it might be a touch overpowering with the heat. I picked up their cheddar and the Blue Suede Moo after sampling them. Really great stuff!

      After further research, I picked up the sausage from Cibola. I'll be frying a couple tonight for dinner. Thanks for the tip about Red Apron, I missed that that stand and have been looking for cured meats in the area. The lady at the register for Cibola gave me a crazy look when I asked her if she had any soppressata (as in, "what's soppressata?") or something similar. Somehow she didn't even know what it was!

      I will have to look into the rest! I knew I should've picked up some empanadas.

      1. re: tommyskitchen

        I went to Red Apron this morning...unfortunately they didn't have much left in the way of whole sausages, but I picked up some coppa. It's excellent, but unfortunately $5 for just 1oz! A little steep for a regular purchase, but I was told soppressata would be coming soon, which I'm really excited for.

      2. If you are close to the Dupont Market, you aren't far from the U Street Market at 14th and U which only has 2 or 3 more weekends left for the year and I HIGHLY recommend trying to visit at least once between now and the end - it's Saturdays from 9-1PM.

        I LOVE that market - it's much more manageable (smaller) but has everything you need and then some - delicious pickles, very good selection of produce, beautiful flowers, bread, etc.

        I love Dupont, but it's so busy and there are also so many vendors selling the same thing that it can be hard to focus. When I'm in my cooking mood (i.e. when Husband unit is here) I have been known to go to both markets, supplementing my Saturday purchases with items on Sunday at Dupont.

        I do think Keswick is worth the trip - their chocolate pudding is amazing.

        U Street Cafe
        1301 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

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        1. re: Jeserf

          Hm, I will try that market as well! Any notable items there?

        2. The YoLite yogurt and the chocolate croissants are must gets.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            I'm partial to the chocolate almond croissants. SO good. With a chocolate milk chaser? holy coma, batman.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              Where do I get those at the market? I thought I saw a yogurt/milk stand but don't remember the name. Is YoLite the farm/dairy name? I don't see it listed on the market vendor list.

                1. re: Jeserf

                  Yup, what Jeserf said.

                  And Bonaparte Breads has the chocolate croissants.

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                    Awesome, thanks so much (and to you, ipsedixit, as well)! Can't wait to try the croissants and yogurt/chocolate milk.

                    1. re: Jeserf

                      Had the chocolate milk and croissants this morning. Really wonderful!