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Oct 30, 2011 10:04 AM

Where can I buy good Pâté in Denver?

Hi everyone, Im looking for specialty shops that sell good fresh or canned Pâté (duck, chicken, pig)... I live in Aurora but anywhere around Denver area is good... if you know of a place please drop me a reply.. thanks!!! :-)

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  1. Call either Marczyk's or Tony's. I've bought pate there on a number of occasions although I can't speak to the freshness of it. I've also seen it at the King Soopers on Orchard and Holly on occasion.

    1. I've heard Ba Le Sandwich on Federal have a pork pate.

      1. Try calling the Truffle cheese shop on 6th. I think I remember seeing a few pates there, and everything they sell is just excellent quality.

        1. There's a new shop called the Pig & Block Charcuterie on Tejon, just north of 33rd. He makes a few pates and terrines in-house, call and ask what he's got going on any particular day. 303-455-6328. He had some duck confit yesterday that was amazing. (made in house).