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Oct 30, 2011 09:44 AM


I know turmeric is supposed to be loaded with good stuff, and I love the color it imparts to food, but gosh, it has an off-putting flavor!
I have a bag of turmeric from Penzey's that let's just assume is good quality, and it's not old, but I hate the flavor. It's bitter to me. Metallic, even.
I made a cauliflower soup yesterday that just cried out for a dash of turmeric to make it a gorgeous color. It was all I could do to add all the cheese in my fridge to get the soup past the turmeric yuck!
Anyone else hate it?

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  1. Absolutely not! It's horrible. It's one of the spices if not the primary spice that makes Indian food so bad.

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    1. Nope, you're not alone. Makes the house smell for a month. That and Fenugreek.

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        Took me 10-15 years to get used to cilantro, and twice that for fenugreek. I thought all curry was bad r/t the fenugreek smell/taste....

      2. Can't stand it. I only just learned that I LIKE Indian and Thai curries, as long as they don't contain turmeric! I had been avoiding anything called 'curry' for 30+ years, thinking it all had that horrible yellow powder in it. I'll even do brown coarse mustards, but not the bright yellow stuff, because it's got turmeric in it.

        Maybe we're like the people who can't stand cilantro?

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              I've used minimal, but it still wrecks dishes!!