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Oct 30, 2011 08:44 AM

Need help improving a GF pumpkin cookie recipe

I posted this on a vegan cooking site and no response! so i'm trying it here.

i love these cookies. they're nearly perfect the day they're baked. however the next day they're dry and crumbly. they turn soft which i don't mind but the dry part is annoying. i don't know much about gluten free baking but they were to please a bunch of toddlers who all suffer from various allergies.

i did make some changes to the recipe. i used Earth Balance instead of coconut oil only b/c i didn't have enough and added mini chocolate chips as well.

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  1. Hi Trolley: I have been cooking GF for about 10 years since my significant other and his kids were dx'd. The best, BY FAR, flour blend recipe (foundation of baking recipes) is this one: I have their book and have gone to their blog several times to ask questions and they are very willing to reply and help. I suspect it is the coconut oil that is the culprit....have you tried reducing the baking time a little? sometimes that helps!! Check out the Bronski's blog, ask them!!

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      thanks jamaisa. the cookies aren't bad the next day but just not ideal. i keep thinking it's the oat flour since oats seem so drying. i didn't use coconut oil so not sure if it's that. going to make this recipe with butter to see and use rice or potato flour mixed with the oat flour. thanks.

      1. re: trolley

        I too was thinking it seems like a high proportion of dry ingredients to wet. Was the batter pretty thick/stiff? Oats take some time to fully hydrate, so you could cut them back but chill the dough overnight if it needs to stiffen up. I think you could cut the oat flour by at least half a cup, maybe a full cup. Chocolate chips sound like a nice addition.

        1. re: trolley

          I would recommend trying the coconut oil. It's (obviously) all fat, whereas the Earth Balance has water and (maybe) gums that will affect the texture, especially as the cookies sit; I'd imagine that the water in the EB evaporates, making the cookies crumbly. At most room temperatures, coconut oil is solid, and will thus hold the cookies together. Plus coconut oil is awesome for lots of things.

          1. re: guilty

            ok, will do! i was short on coconut oil so i opted to do the easy route with earth balance buttery sticks. i love the coconut oil flavor too. i do intend on making them again for our friends birthday. as suggested i'm going to scale back on the flour as well. too drying.

      2. i'm presuming dairy is on the outs because you mention earth balance, but then you mention butter below. my suggestion if dairy is okay, is including nonfat dry milk powder. it adds protein and holds moisture. i refuse to use xanthan gum in my GF stuff, so...

        if milk is a no-go, and if soy isn't a prob, i'd also add just a tbsp or two pureed soft tofu.

        or, add a little bit of rice or soy or almond milk... again depending upon allergies.

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        1. re: Emme

          emme, i initially made it for my sons friends halloween party which consisted of a gluten free, nut allergy and milk allergy children (a fun bunch!). i was going to make it again for our friend who is not allergic to dairy and neither is our son. so i'm going to try the diary route next time. the mini chocolate chips were great.

          1. re: trolley

            if that's the case, i def recommend including some nonfat milk powder... or add equal parts of nonfat milk powder and cornstarch.