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Oct 30, 2011 07:39 AM

Anyone found a GOOD one minute rice-in-a-bag?

Ok, first and foremost, no one here has railed against prepackaged (insert favorite expletive here) more than I have. But I tried Uncle Ben's 60 second microwave in a bag rice back when it first came out (forgive me, I was a long-haul truck driver living and cooking on my truck) and it always came out either crunchy and underdone or burnt and underdone, depending on how long I nuked it. I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me if they have perfected the process or if it is still as crappy as it started out. Not interested in trying it again, just wondering.

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  1. I'm happy with the Trader Joe's brown rice. It doesn't have a super long shelf life though, so just get the amount you'll use over a few months.

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      1. Popular in Japan are single-serving size trays of cooked white rice that are vacuum sealed. One minute in the microwave and they are piping hot and ready to eat. Surprisingly good, all things considered.

        1. What I do is this: When I make "regular" rice (brown basmati, in my case) I always make extra and and freeze the extra in one cup amounts. Nuking the frozen rice only takes a couple of minutes, and it is way better than store-bought instant stuff.

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            We get the microwave pack from Seeds of Change. It;s in the natural foods section of our grocery store. There are a number of flavors. I currently have Quinoa and Whole Grain Brown rice with garlic. They are very flavorfull and I have no problem storing them for months in my dry pantry. They take 90 seconds to cook in the package.

          2. I admit to using the Uncle Ben's microwaveable stuff on occasion. (The chicken-flavored one with veggies. The kid likes it.) It's always worked fine for me.