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Oct 30, 2011 06:42 AM

Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve in Vienna. What to do?

Thank you all, and especially the great Sturmi, for providing me with an overview of the Viennese dining scene. Now I know there are several spots I do not want to miss on my trip, including Figlmuller, Zum Finsteren Stern, Eckel, and Trzesneiweski.

However, the problem is we arrive on Christmas Eve and are here through New Year's Eve. So, while I love the idea of being in Vienna during such a magical holiday season, I am at a complete loss as to where to eat on the days when the city shuts down. We really dislike touristy hotel dining situations, but am scared that is what will happen. My hotel suggested Boheme, Piaristenkeller, and Plachutta, but none of them appeal. Wondering if there might be any local gems that stay open on the holidays where we could have a fabulous, more authentic dining experience.

Also, will many of the good restaurants and coffeehouses be open during the holiday week? I am scared I won't have access

I tried to find a post on the coffehouses of Vienna, which I'm sure exists, but didn't have any luck. If anyone has a link or suggestions on their favorites, I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to spend the holidays in Vienna.

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  1. This is not the first time this question was posted, and the answer is still the same:
    Most restaurants will be open between Christmas and NYE, but right on Christmas Eve and Christmas day the situation is different, many restaurants will be closed.

    OTOH, there will be special Christmas Eve dinner menues and Christmas Day brunches at the major hotels. And as far as I can remember most of the coffeehouses will be open every day, and many of the traditional Viennese beisl also open on holidays. And there are many Christmas markets, some of them - like the one in front of the Schönbrunn palace - open also on Christmas Eve/Day:

    Here are earlier threads for this topic:

    Here is a good overview what to expect for New Years Eve, which is a big event with a street party throughout the whole old city: