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Oct 30, 2011 06:05 AM

Cincinnatti restaurants?

My sweetie & I will be visiting Cincinnatti Nov.12th. Can anyone recommend good restaurants in or near downtown? Italian would be nice, as we really don't have good Italian in Indy, but we're both VERY adventurous diners...don't hold back! Would like to keep the tab under $120 or so. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Any of these are good:

    If you're interested in Italian, Via Vite is right downtown and while it's good it won't blow you away. it's sister restaurant Nicola in Over-the-Rhine is better and Boca, further away in Oakley, is also excellent.

    Otherwise, there's lots of discussion here on Chowhound. To correct your spelling, Cincinnati only has one "t".

    Via Vite
    520 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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      Thanks for the info. The extra T was a typo...

      1. re: nopeitsjustjohn

        Wasn't trying to be nasty, but if you're going to search on Cincinnati, I just wanted to make sure you were spelling it right. BTW Nicola and Boca won't fit in your budget. Otherwise, I've had good meals lately at Otto's in Covington and Primavista in Price Hill. Primavista has an incredible view of the city and the food was better than I expected (another Italian choice), though the interior could stand to be updated. Nada downtown is a fun, lively place to eat with great food and drinks (one of my wife's favorites).

        810 Matson Place, Cincinnati, OH 45204

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        I have lived here for a year and a half and still have to think how to spell the name. But anyway...
        I agree that if you want Italian then Boca is the place to go. Definitly not your spaghetti and red sauce place but very high end italian. Boca's sister restaurant is Nada, which is downtown. This place can loosely be called Mexican. Definitly influence with south of the border flavors but you won't find a chimichanga here...I don't think :-). Try the pork belly taco though... yum. Nada gets busy though and you will need a reservation. I just recently ate at local 127. The food there was very creative and well done. I would go back again for sure. The gnocchi small plate was awesone.