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Oct 30, 2011 05:44 AM

seoul - 3 days for solo diner

hi everyone:

i'm heading to seoul alone in about a week and would love some recommendations. please keep in mind my i can't speak any korean (but planning to learning some basic phrases).

i'm staying in the Jung-gu area but willing to travel anywhere for good food. not looking for anything fancy - just want some solid koren food (fatty pork bbq, soup of all kinds, live octopus dish, etc...). i also hear that most bbq (particularly beef) are not really worth it if you live in the US...true?

also if anyone happens to have any recommendations for french pastries it would be awesome.

thank you thank you. sorry to be so general.

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  1. Hi misc1774, I'm not a leading expert on Seoul food but as no one's responded yet I'll try to answer your questions - am guessing you're staying in the Myeongdong area?

    For soups in that area there is Myeongdong Gyoja (kalguksu, tel 02-776-5348) and Yeongyang Center (samgyetang, tel 02-776-2015).

    For fatty pork bbq I previously recommended Heukdonga on this board, but that's in Samseong-dong near to COEX, so some distance away from where you're staying.. or there's also a decent chain called Bon Ga ( with a location in Myeongdong.

    As to whether BBQ is worth it if you compare to the US, this is just my personal opinion and others may disagree, but for pork / chicken yes, for beef it might be a bit of a toss up if just considering the meat (hanwoo) at the places I've visited (but even so it may be worth it for the side dishes). Having said which Bong San Jib is certainly worth a visit.

    The french pastries in Seoul didn't leave much of an impression, but if you would still like to try, I think one of the more popular french-style stand-alone bakeries in Seoul is Kim Young Mo (I wish I could tell you more but I honestly have no recollection of what I tried from there). One of the outlets is a 10 minute walk from Budnamujip. Galleria Dept Store's food hall is another option. I didn't try Amandier (a short walk from Anguk Station in Samcheong-dong) but the pictures look good. It's on my list to go next time I visit Seoul.