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Oct 30, 2011 05:02 AM

Condensed milk caramel

Has anyone ever made caramel sauce by poaching a tin of condensed milk? I have read a lot about it and it's so very confusing. Some says it's okay and some says it's dangerous. I wish I could ask someone who has actually done it.

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  1. l did it with an opened can of sweetened condensed milk with burbling water about 3/4 up the side. Cooked for about 90 minutes if l recall. Worked fine, but the taste and consistency was not equal to good dulce la leche or confiture au lait.

    1. I have done it many, many times, as has my other-in-law (although, to be honest, neither of us are famous for our respect for health and safety in the kitchen). I boil in water for 3 hours to get a maximally gloopy caramel. You could probably get away with 2.5 hours. If it comes out too gloopy for your use, you can soften up with a little single cream. It is runnier while its hot, unsurprisingly gets more gloopy as it cools.

      Main safety consideration - DO NOT LET PAN BOIL DRY!!! Easy to do - who has the time/patience to minister to anything for 3 hours? So I set a digital timer at half hour intervals to remind me to check & top up with boiling water from the kettle.

      Also - once you're done, run under cold water for a few minutes, and when you open the can be really careful, as hot caramel squeezes out under pressure. Caramel burns hurt quite a lot.

      Good luck!!

      1. how very timely....we just made a can this morning!! three hours at a slow boil. works a treat. tastes really good on honey crisp apples sliced up...yummmm
        heck, it's even good by the spoonful.

        1. Seems like with the time involved and the danger, it would make more sense to buy caramel ice-cream topping or melt caramel candies. IMO just not worth the time and risk.

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            Eat a good or even average confiture au lait and you will see the reason. It is an entirely different animal.

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              besides the pressure thing cooking in cans is not recomended because of bpa in can lining.