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Oct 30, 2011 12:17 AM

36" BlueStar gas range @ ?!

hello fellow chowhounds!
after looking at many 36" gas ranges and watching utube videos on how burners differ on the ranges.
And.......then! being most confused as to function/price/style :-0
I came across the stove of my dreams for a great price! But alas there was a small detail I overlooked as I anxiously filled out the online Costco order form!?
The 36" Bluestar for approximately $2900.was on their Canadian website and the page kept requesting I put in a Provience!? and I thought my zip code would sort it all out.....
But it is not to be :(
So I am asking if someone might know how the Costco business model works?
Any chance the Bluestar for under 3K might ever be offered in the USA :-)) ?
Many many THANX ^:*~

5 x 15,000 BTU burner
1 x variable simmer of up to 57.2°C (135°F)
30,000 BTU oven burner
Push-to-turn infinite setting NOVA™ and ULTRANOVA™ top burner controls
Heavy-duty control knobs
Full motion grates
Ceramic infrared broiler
Heavy-duty commercial stainless-steel construction
Automatic electronic ignition and re-ignition system
Convection oven
Extra large oven capacity
LP gas conversion kit included
Interior oven light
Removable drip tray
Low-profile backguard
Accommodates a full-size commercial baking sheet: 45.7 cm x 66 cm (18 in. x 26 in.)
60.9 cm (24 in.) depth for compatibility with standard kitchen cabinetry
Dimensions (W x D x H):
90.9 cm x 73.1 cm x 93.2 cm
(35.8 in. x 28.8 in. x 36.7 in.)
195.9 kg (432 lb.)
Oven capacity:
73.6 cm x 50.8 cm x 38.1 cm
(29 in. x 20 in. x 15 in.)
1 year parts and labour
For more information about this product, call the BlueStar Customer Service Centre at 1-800-449-8691.
[Model RCS366BCN]

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  1. Not likely.

    The American version is RCS366V1

    I saw it below for $3659.

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    1. re: DeeAgeaux

      THANX for Bluestar RCS info :)
      Though......they are not able to ship it per their Bluestar agreement....
      So it's available only to those who live 150 miles from
      Oh well :-| has ithe RCS on their website but when u click on the RCS link it states unavailable....
      So I continue with looking and give a call to local California Bluestar Dealers and inquire :-)

      The next question I'd like to ask is:
      if I do go with the Bluestar RNB series $5600 -+,
      I am tempting myself to go with the deeper red color.
      So the question is
      Are colors on large appliances something I might regret in 5 or so years!?
      Or just go with the passion u feel for your kitchen :-{}
      I found gorgeous counter height chairs & stools in the deep red leather
      that really add to our kitchen
      and am thinking the Bluestar in the deep red would really be fun!

      especially since I am mourning the Canadian Bluestar RCS for $2998
      THANX for listening and I'd really appreciate thoughts on RCS vs RNB!?

      P.s. truly I've glazed my eyes upon the diff specs repeatedly, visited a red RNB,
      and spent good well meaning hourssss online looooking @:-)
      and have it down to the RCS if I can find it for $3700....

      1. re: Bake4fun

        Plessers has this distressed box 36" RNB on ebay for $4850 OBO plus $99 for shipping.

        I think they will ship nationwide since not brand new in original box( they repackaged it in a new box).

        I was going to get a red 36" Capital Culinarian but found a self-clean floor model with motirized rotis that normally sells for $6700-$7000 for $4988 plus $100 shipping.

        So no I don't think you will regret going red if that is what you end up doing.

        BTW Open Burners Rock!!!

    2. Back in 2008 we remodeled our kitchen and went shopping for a commercial style range. I spent on obscene amount of time on Garden Web as well as traveling thru our home state looking at ranges. GW had a lot of inquiries on ranges, and the COSTCO connection with BS came up. I cannot remember all the details but I believe it was a Canada only deal. We did get the BS thru a US dealer. No discounts.

      1. This is a 30" Bluestar RNB VI in Ruby Red for $3.5k plus freight($150-$500 depending on where you live).

        The oven is large enough to take a full size commercial baking sheet.

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        1. re: DeeAgeaux

          36" RCS new in box on Craigslist for $2890 (natural gas)
          LOL! We drove 126 miles one way and checked it out :)
          Here is the story ~~
          Adelle's Appliance Outlet in Mantecca, California

          The first phone call was to see if it was a one and only.
          I learned that they had received 5 natural gas discontinued models.
          So I needed propane gas and thought oh well......
          But then while watching Bluestar video clips on their website I came
          across the page which sells Bluestar parts....
          And that's when I saw the LP gas conversion kits for sale approximately $75 bucks!?
          So thinking my local dealer was $3700 for a propane equipped RCS and though I'd lose a bit of pep in the conversion I am willing to do so :)
          So while staring at my "possible" future discontinued RCS gorgeous gas range I noticed a few differences....
          1) the kick plate was NOT louvered and the star wasn't blue!?!?
          But here is where I went online and found a few other posts mentioning their RCS's the same!?! without louvers and blue paint on their stars!?!?
          But I took a leap of faith here....
          I was over a hundred miles from home and the appliance warehouse outlet was amazing with an assortment of all the major ranges (plus other A-Z products for the home) BUT I only had eyes for my RCS (her burners are the ones) & really preferred the flat stainless kick plate and no blue on the star (who knew!?)
          The RCS box had the factory label with Adelle's Appliance Outlet name and address on it SO I felt it was legit....
          So fellow Chowhounds or those who are still reading this long adventuresome post!!?
          What have I purchased and hauled home in a U-haul trailer????!!!!!!
          No blue paint on the star & no louvers on the kick plate?
          Mystery or not!?
          If anyone knows the story on the Bluestar misfits please post!
          She'll be up and running sometime next week after she is properly installed!
          I may have bargained my way to her but now that she's home though we are major DIYers
          I would never mess with the importance of setting her up safely!
          Though we love Bluestar's video clips on their store parts page!
          so we will have fun getting to know her needs!
          Happy Holidaze!!! and I am so excited to have "her" or the holidays!
          THANX 4 listening :)

          1. re: DeeAgeaux

            Thought to post the info on the box!!
            S/N: 1108044

            1. re: Bake4fun

              Your best bet would be to contact Blue Star with this information and then be patient and wait for an answer. They will ALWAYS respond. It just may take a day or two.

              1. re: dcrb

                Thanx ~
                Good thought :)
                though it is mainly a curiosity ~

                1. re: Bake4fun

                  Friendly folks at Bluestar are shipping out my LP conversion kit (2-day shipping)
                  and said RCS had the non-louvered kick plate.
                  Though I mentioned that all the online pics of the Bluestar RCS's had louvered kick plates!?
                  I didn't follow up asking about the unpainted star :)

                  1. re: Bake4fun

                    They are great folks. Enjoy your Blue Star.