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Oct 29, 2011 09:22 PM

Seva in Detroit Midtown?

I heard a rumor that I am hoping is hands down favorite vegetarian restaurant from Ann Arbor is opening a place in Midtown Detroit? Please Please Please let this be correct information!!!

Anybody else heard about this?

Seva Restaurant
314 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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  1. Jack, check this out straight from the source:

    There you go!

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    1. re: boagman

      Thank you, kind sir! I guess I should have thought to check their website...duh. I am one seriously happy camper now!

      1. re: Jack Freeman

        So this place is something to crow about, eh? What makes its fare memorable? You know me...always skeptical of vegetarian places, but *totally* willing to be convinced otherwise (see: Neehee's in Canton).

        What do they do that makes them stand out?

        1. re: boagman

          Yes, JF, what do you order? I never go there because the handful of times I have eaten there in the 20 years I have lived in A2, it's been pretty bland, so I must be ordering the wrong stuff. I usually try the Mexican.

          1. re: momskitchen

            Sorry guys..hadn't checked back in the last few days. While I am not strictly vegetarian I prefer to eat that way if the veg. options are interesting and tasty. We have had some really good dishes there. I adore the Thai Salad and their Sweet Potato Fries with dipping sauce are great. They have fun drinks..the grapefruit mimosa is excellent. I haven't tried the Mexican items on the menu..that is usually the "go to" for vegetarian restaurants. We have been about 10 times and have really enjoyed each meal. Like my visits to Inn Season I find myself ordering the daily specials more often then the regular menu items. It will be great to add them to the vegetarian rotation closer to home!

            Boagman, I have noticed the mention of Neehee's on CH many times and we have not tried it yet. We always seem to be so far from Canton and starving when we head out to eat but we will get there!

            1. re: Jack Freeman

              Thanks - I forgot that they had good drinks. I like their cocktails. I am not a huge fan of recipes where they put peanut butter in stuff and call it "Thai" or "Indonesian", so the Thai salad wouldn't be my sort of thing, but I do like sweet potato fries so I will give that a shot. I think I liked their tempeh the last time I was there. Thanks for inspiring me to give them another shot. Have you tried the new veg restaurant in town "Jazzy Veggie"? I haven't yet, but wondered how it was.

              1. re: momskitchen

                I have not tried was on our intention to visit the other day and we ended up at Slows...LOL. Oops! Seva's Thai is definitely not anywhere near an authetic Thai dish but it was good. The last time we were with two other couples and created our own buffet, I honestly can't remember all the dishes but they were mostly good!

                Seva Restaurant
                314 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

            2. re: momskitchen

              I highly recommend the TLT ("A rolled-up sandwich of chargrilled tempeh, cheddar cheese, fresh guacamole, tomatoes and shredded romaine lettuce, in a whole wheat tortilla), as well as the eggs veracruz. Both are outstanding, as are their daily/weekly specials. (I haven't been to the Detroit location yet, so I don't know if these items are offered there.)

      2. From today's Metro Times:

        "Forest's veggies Forest Street in Detroit, that is: Ann Arbor's venerable Seva, long a trusted name in vegan and vegetarian dining, has finally opened its outpost in Detroit. Drop in for lunch at 66 E. Forest, Detroit, with access through the pedestrian alley."

        There you go, Jack! Let us know how it is.

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        1. re: boagman

          The EAST in this address is critical. Otherwise; you'll end up in a very wrong place.

          1. re: rainsux

            I'm too far away from my WSU night classes to remember Forest well - East is E of Woodward, therefore over by CCS? Is that it?

            1. re: HillsofBeverly

              > Is that it?

              No. There is also a "Forest St. in SW Detroit, down by the steel mills.

        2. I finally tried Seva downtown tonight! I was with three other people. We had the nachos appetizer, I had the reuben with yam fries, someone else had the enchiladas, and the other two people had the thai peanut stir fry and one of the egg dishes.

          I was pleased with my sandwich, but I felt that it would be improved with some fried tempeh--i.e., a tempeh reuben. I felt that the inclusion of a tomato on the sandwich was a little odd, and I removed it after one bite. Without the tomato, it was really like a grilled cheese with sauerkraut--not bad in itself, but not a reuben--I would have liked a little more body.

          The yam fries were great! They came with a nice mayo-based dipping sauce with some spices (maybe chipotle and cayenne? paprika?)

          I didn't sample anyone else's food, but everyone seemed pleased enough.

          The place was busy but not packed. We were seated right away. The service was a little slow in some ways (for example, I waited most of my meal to get my water refilled) but too fast in others (for example, servers picking up a plate as soon as it was empty or just close to being empty). Additionally, the nachos appetizer came with only a tiny little ramekin of salsa--tiny! Maybe a tablespoon of salsa total. Not even close to enough especially for the large-ish platter, which easily served four people. We asked for more, but it took about five minutes and the nachos were already cold.

          They were also OUT of four of their six (maybe seven) dessert offerings by the end of dinner, which was surprising and disappointing to some of my dining companions. I have a feeling that they're still getting used to weekend traffic, and that this sort of thing will improve.

          The atmosphere is much fancier and less granola-ish than the A2 location, which I've also visited many times.

          Overall though, I'm so happy to see this place downtown and we will definitely be back!

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          1. re: IndyGirl

            IndyGirl, You set the standard for concrete descriptions and examples. Thanks for the info. Frankly, I have fond old memories of Seva A2 (nostalgia?), but after reading your review, I will be taking my time in getting to Seva D, rather than getting there at my earliest opportunity.

            1. re: VTB

              I probably tend to be over-critical; as I read my review (which I typed in haste as soon as I got home), it seems more negative overall than I intended. For instance, I neglected to mention that the tortilla chips in the nachos were terrific.

              Again, with the desserts---it was only 6 pm on a Saturday so I can't figure out why they were out of so many at that time, but I'll chalk it up to an off night!

              Again, overall, I can't wait to go back and try some other things. I am really happy to have someplace like this in downtown Detroit--for us vegetarians it makes a huge difference to have an option like this within walking distance of the DIA and all of the other smaller contemporary art museums. So for my own selfish interests, I want to help them succeed! Part of me hopes they'll read this review and take these things into account so that others will have an even more positive experience.

              1. re: IndyGirl

                Why "hope" they find your observations? Please attempt to communicate with them directly. Seems like mgt needs to step-up their game.

                1. re: rainsux

                  Good point... I'll look into that.

          2. Althbough I think the Seva in A2 is pretty good, the location in Detroit needs to get their service together.
            No one greeted at the door until the chef spotted us... no big deal, just thought bad timing. They bwanted to seat us up front but we asked to be seated in back towards the bar, looked cozier. Chairs were cool but more uncomfortable than anything I have ever sat in. Server took 10 minutes to get to us. We had to flag someone over... bartender was in full view of us but never gave us any eye contact.
            Out of one wine we wanted. okay no biggie
            ordered a bottle and a fresh juice. watched the juice sit on the bar for ten minutes after we received the wine. we finally got it ourselves.
            ALL our lunches were cold, starting with the 2 soups we ordered. Then our lunches came. Sweet potato fries good but ice cold. no exageration here. Friends veggie rueban was good, stirfry bland and I had a noodle dish which was medium at best but was lukewarm (not intentionally). We complained to our server about a meal. Manager sat one table over talking to someone about advertising, then dissapeared for the rest of our meal, never stopped by.
            Our server said the manager offered us a free dessert, we took it. It was vegan so i'll rate it not too harshly... horrible. soggy crust, no flavor.
            After we left, we called and asked to speak with a manager, she said she was unaware of our situation while we were in the building but heard about it after the fact. We reminded her she bought us dessert, she told us it was not her that did that but the owner. I was shocked that if the owner was there, he never came over to apologize personally or at the very least send a manager over.
            Granteed we went about a month ago, so they werre still pretty new and fresh... but... not one thing about the place makes me want to go back. except to support Detroit. Went down the street after to the Crepe place. pretty yummy.
            Oh, I almost forgot to metion that the wine we ordered was on special that day for half off and we were charged 3/4 price. when we mentioned that to the manager over the phone, she said it was a misprinted price on the original menu so we really did recieve 1/2 off the wine. geeze, you think someone may have mentioned that when we ordered it.
            they sent us 1 50$ giftcard as an apology. i told my friend she could keep it as I had little interest in going back. that's how bad it was.
            Hope they get it together for midtowns sake. Anyone have a better experience yet?