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Oct 29, 2011 08:20 PM

hk recommendations 2 days in early mid november??

would like to get opinions on the following inputs..will be looking more into lunch than dinner..

these are the restaurants that i have short listed. would like to gather feedback in terms of uniqueness , quality and cost value factor as compared to the places in singapore and japan .. only have time to do 1 of these.. and also will i make it in time for reservation if there is a need??

caprice - food seems to be rather traditional and hence i might be underwhelmed based on other places i have tried..

pierre - i have not tried pierre gagnaire's food yet... looks fun, but am afraid that it would be a risky bet, and no recent reports on this one???

otto 8 1/2- some recent good reviews here... generally abit letdown by the italian fine dining in singapore, how does this compare ( i dun like osteria mozza, forlinos and the likes, operetta is ok thou, decent but not impressive) .

liberty private works - fully booked....

some places that i will go for quick meal etc....
for roast goose/meats ,
yung kee, joy hing

and wonton mee

maks , ho hung kee

and tim ho wan

any other recommendations in Tsim sha tsui, wanchai and central area??

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  1. Caprice is classic French fine dining. If you are not into this style, you may want to skip it.

    Tsim Sha Tsui, Wanchai and Central are very big areas. And many restaurants in those areas have been reviewed and recommended in past threads. You should make use of the Search function or specify and narrow down what exactly you want.

    1. Wonton Mee - No Mak's or Ho Hung Kee ( unless you are in the area ). iMO, Mak An Kee is the best ( who pakage of noodles, wonton, broth, condiments and 'lard' dressing! )

      Ref: Caprice. Does it matter if the food is ' rather traditional' if it taste great?. Pierre Gagnaire's food ins more ' funky' but, tastewise, it fell short quite regularly. Try Amber instead!

      Wan Chai?! Have a Cantonese meal at either Manor, Lie Garden or, if willing to splurge - Fook Lam Moon

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        i second FLM. and it won't be expensive if you are going for dim sum i guess...

        and i really liked Caprice when i dined there 2 years ago.

        1. re: akated

          just wondering will i be able to get a table at caprice or 8 1/2 otto if i didnt make any reservations for lunch.. esp caprice on a sunday afternoon