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Oct 29, 2011 07:55 PM

Review Fukuburger Hollywood

Riding the success of their mobile food truck in Las Vegas, Mags and his crew have invaded Los Angeles and opened their first b & m location in the heart of Hollywood (Cahuenga near Hollywood Blvd.) My cousin and I arrived around 11:30am and appeared to be one of the first customers of the day. We were greeted by our server, Shay, as welll as everyone working the first shift. Shay brought us water immediately, and took our drink order while we scanned the menu. After arriving with our drinks, she took a seat and went over the menu with us, explaining each menu item, telling us which items were the most popular, as well as her favorite.

I opted for the Tamago Burger (fuku-patty with fried egg, crispy onion strings, teriyaki sauce and furikake (mixture of dried and ground fish, seaweed, and sesame seeds)). Shay suggested I add bacon, and I happily agreed. My cousin went for the Chicken Katsu (panko encrusted chicken, with shredded cabbage, wasabi mayo, and tonkatsu sauce). Shay suggested a fried egg to accompany his sandwich, and he agreed. We also ordered a side of macaroni salad and jazz fries (french fries with gravy at "crack sauce" (sweet thai chili and mayo).

What a great flavor combination! The sweetness of the teriyaki sauce, the salty bacon and fried onion straws, the yolk oozing out of my fried egg, as well as a perfectly cooked hamburger patty. My cousin thought his sandwich was decent, but not amazing. He said it was "too plain". Come to find out for fear the wasabi mayo may be too hot, he passed on it as well as the tonkatsu sauce, and just asked for regular mayo. The fries were good; crack sauce is fairly addicting, and the macaroni salad was just ok...the shells were a little too al dente for our liking.

Shay kept checking on us and we never had to ask for drink refills. Another OG employee whose name escapes me came over to ask how everything was. We gave her our opinions and she shared the same thoughts regarding the macaroni salad, and thought their wasabi mayo may need some tweeking. She brought Mags (partner/owner/chef) over and introduced him to us. When my cousin expressed his sandwich was good but not to his liking, Mags insistsed he would make him another sandwich the way it was supposed to be served (with wasabi mayo and tonkatsu sauce).

Great food, great staff, great service. I will definitely repeat. The only problem I forsee is parking on Cahuenga and in the general vicinity is horrible.

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  1. Not to go off tangent, but I always find metered parking on Cole (between Wilcox and Cahuenga) south of Sunset next to the CNN building. Shhhh, it's a secret.

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      Thanks for the head's up, but are those meters 1 hour or 2 hour max? If it's only 1 hour, there's no way to walk to Fukuburger, eat, and make it back in time.

      1. re: Graphracker

        How much does the tamago burger cost without the bacon?

        1. re: kevin

          All their sandwiches are $7 each before extra toppings.

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            Whoa, it's a good price too. Thanks for the review.

    2. Fuku Burger Deal -- $30 of Food/Drink for $15.

      Buy before 8:00AM PST, December 19, 2011.

      1. Well........... I don't get up to LA often but I absolutely will never forget the name of that business. And I DO know how to pronounce it correctly................. I think.

        1. As a food blogger, I was invited to the press opening. I never go to press openings because it's, you know, sheer bribery. But I was intrigued enough that I considered it. After all, I'm not PAID for my reviews. But yours makes me want to check it out. Thanks!

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            how do you get invited to press openings?

            thanks. and do you have to pay your own way for a meal at a press opening???