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Oct 29, 2011 07:06 PM

Momo Burger (truck)

caught momo burger out in front of sports authority today -- got their Bacon Momo Burger (smoked gouda, carmelized onions, and momo sauce)....pretty good! was chatting with the folks running the show, seeing what their construction was all about. 1/4 pound patties of big island ground beef that are well seasoned with a little bit of filler - he adds a little bit of breadcrumb thats been soaked in some liquid (he didnt reveal, milk i would guess but i dunno) to keep it nice and juicy. ayyyy it's a' like a' meata ball....having "filler" made me a little nervous, actually. due to size, was thinking about doubling up on patties but played a single this time. the burger came together very nicely - the bun was a dusted potato bun (similar to teddy's) but was grilled expertly on the inside. nice round slice of melty smoked gouda, a good helping of sweet carm'd onions, and 2 slices of thick bacon that were cooked perfectly for a burger - crisp enough to bite through easily (without yanking the whole slice out) yet left with some meaty chew. The burger itself, in fact, stayed quite juicy despite being cooked to medium well (wasnt asked how i wanted it prepped, not sure if they have a medium well policy or not -but he was monitoring the temp of each patty on the grill)....and yes, they are grilled rather than griddled in the truck. All this being said, the burger came together as a well-constructed flavor party....rather than being a beefy burger where the beef was what was "fetaured", this burger was more about the sum of its parts and became a sweet/meat/smokey treat. they also have a mushroom swiss and a korean/kim chee burger on the menu (as of today). Will 100% seek them out again...all ingredients were well sourced and properly handled, i recommend!

similar to this burger is the one featured at he'eia pier general store...another burger thats less about a big chewy beef patty and more about the sum of its parts, this sucker was a serious flavor bomb. borderline too salty and saucy. but was also pretty good and will check that out again too. plus, cant beat the location. a chat about this place is for another thread (went once with a few folks,food was hit and miss

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  1. sounds divine! thanks for your moutherwatering details!

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      And, here is the burger from Heeia Pier AMAZING! Kuahiwi Ranch beef, specially made buns buttered and grilled (made at Kaneohe Bakery.) All with an fabulous view of the bay.

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        Wow that burger looks delicious!!!! after having a Hodad's burger in CAlifornia spouse is after a best of hawaii burger joint.

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            wow that is a lot of burger chat!!!! that was a year ago so many could have gone down hill or closed since then or been lost to chow competitor recomendations...

            Kaimukiman do you have a favorite top 2 burger joints or more specifically a type of burger you go chow for??? ie might be the juicy well cooked burger and ingredients in the patty but the specialized topping unique selection is over the top.???

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              * i really like the meat at The Counter, but i find the burgers to be troublesomely thick.
              * I really like Honolulu Burger Company (big island grass fed beef), but i feel guilty parking at Times and sneaking across the street
              * I really like Teddy's, but I think their quality is not as good as it used to be. Good upscale 'mass produced' burger, not a preformed patty.
              * I really like The Burgers on the Edge, but if it's rainy there is no place to sit. Nice, juicy and flavorful.
              * I really like W&M, but they arent great burgers, its a nostalgia thing and you have to eat standing up or take out. Old fashioned thin burger joint patty, but good teri flavor, especially if you get the hanks special with teri beef added.
              * I really like Kua Aina, but at the holidays parking is impossible. Honolulu's original 'gourmet' burgers, although it started as a surf shack on the north shore. Even the 'original" haleiwa location has moved to a new building, much more convenient, but not the character it used to have.
              * I really like Big City Diner, but they only have regular french fries, which are good but not great.
              * I really like Murphy's, but if you aren't already downtown, its kind of a hassle to park etc.
              * I really like Mariposa, but I tend to avoid Ala Moana, and reservations at lunchtime can be difficult to get.

              How about my top 3:

              1. Burgers on the Edge
              2. Teddy's Bigger Burgers
              3. Honolulu Burger Company

              damn, that was hard. Watching the deterioration of the shack was hard, that portuguese sausage burger was soooo gooooood until they started using cheap-meat hockey-puck burger-patties. :-(

              1450 Ala Moana Blvd # 2101, Honolulu, HI

              Big City Diner
              3569 Waialae Ave Ste 3, Honolulu, HI 96816

              Burgers on the Edge
              890 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816