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Oct 29, 2011 06:29 PM


Just stumbled across Luigi's on 5th ave recently. This is far above average NYC pizza made with quality ingredients and much attention to detail.

about the pizza:

thinner, very crispy crust with some small spots of char on the bottom (yum) . The pies are cooked directly on brick.
sauce was delicate, light, sweeter and fresher-tasting than most
toppings (onion, pepper, soppressata) were cooked perfectly, and the onion and pepper were finely diced which made an average portion go a long way in flavor and texture.
the slice was well balanced and cooked to perfection.

reasonably-priced. a cheese pie is 12 bucks!

Does anyone else have experiences with this spot?

Luigi's Pizza
686 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. Nick, I don't have any input on Luigi's, but I just want to suggest putting "Luigi's" in the title of your post. "Anyone" won't really catch the attention of people who might have to something to say about Luigi's, you know what I mean? Just sayin'