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Oct 29, 2011 05:28 PM

Husband is having gallbladder removed

Hi all,

There is a good chance my husband is having his gall bladder removed. I know that there are dietary restrictions afterwards. Any suggestions for yummy ( and quick - as I have a job and two children in addition to my husband) food to make for him?

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  1. There are no dietary restrictions after cholecystectomy. Doctors and surgeons recommend acidophilous and digestive enzymes.

    You can eat whatever you want after having your gallbladder out. No need to fear the pain, nausea, etc. b/c it won't come!

    Your husband will obviously have a restricted diet the first day or two after surgery, but it is fair game after that! My first lunch at home was turkey and cheese on white bread.... no problem. Dinner was tilapia coated with mayo, basil, garlic powder, parsley, etc. My mother was shocked when she heard my first couple of meals at home and that I was fine.

    Aside from the immediate post-op, your husband will be able to eat whatever he wants.

    1. Agree with Njchicaa. I had mine out 3 years ago and my doctor told me there weren't any restrictions on my diet. I had a little bit of pain for 2 days after surgery, then I was totally fine.

      1. Right. I had mine out about 10 years ago and I asked, what shouldn't I be eating, and they said, "the same things you shouldn't have been eating before."

        The thing is, before there was an organ to get all inflamed if you habitually misbehaved, and now there isn't. Not that this is an excuse to eat poorly.

        1. Had mine out last week. No dietary restrictions. I had cranberry juice and a mini blueberry muffin as soon as the anesthesia wore off (muffin was a mistake- hurt my throat from the breathing tube).

          1. Mine's been out 8 years now. No dietary restrictions. Some people find they need to cut the amount of fat in their diet, but it really is an individual trial and error thing. I dont' think you need to worry.