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Oct 29, 2011 05:25 PM

Blackout Chow

Snowed in. It's dark and I'm bored. Anyone else in the same sitch? Watcha eating and drinking?

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  1. I am home and bored also. Am in So. Cali so light out and sunny. Since I am only one home maybe I will just graze on cheese, Ritz crackers and leftover chocolate cake I made for my son's bday a few days ago with home whipped cream. Or I may thaw a boneless chickwn breast and sautee with,some fresh brocolli, red pepper and onion over rice seasoned with Maggis. Maybe something on the boards will put a more creative current in me!

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    1. re: Axlsgoddess

      I am going with the rice, fresh steamed brocolli and the chicken breast baked but first marinated in olive oil, cracked black oepper, fresh minced garlic and fresh Meyer lemon juice. It should be done in about 5 minutes. And drinking "a frosty can of diet A & W rootbeer. So, Invino, what are you drinking and eating?

      1. re: Axlsgoddess

        Nada. Power has been out for quite a few hours now. Trying to sleep, but all I hear are trees falling and branches snapping. I'd love a drink right now. Hell, I wouldn't even be picky. I'm jealous of all the delicious sounding meals Everyone's prepared!

        Seems my post got moved from the Southern New England board. Sorry if it seems a bit random on Home Cooking.

    2. We're not quite snowed in, but it's coming down now. We had friends over, and had crema de elote, chicken and pork in achiote, rice, black beans, nopal salad, and finished off with a mixed berry crisp. Pinot noir. Negra modelo. Mexican food to welcome an October snow in New England!

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      1. re: Cachetes

        You've had power? Lucky!

        Sounds fantastic. What's in your salad? I love nopales.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          It was flickering a lot, but it stayed on. In the salad, onions, tomatoes, queso fresco. Yum! I hope your power is back on this morning!

          1. re: Cachetes

            Sounds delish.
            Thanks, but no power. Wires down all over Central MA. Luckily, we got one of the few remaining hotel rooms in the area. Heat!

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              We had to go to central MA today, and were really surprised at how torn up the trees and powerlines were. Good luck to you - hope you are back to happy chowing soon!