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Cleaning blender blade

Every time I use my blender, I spend what must be at least 5 minutes just cleaning the blender blade. I take a toothpick and scrape out all the gunk inside the nooks and crannies of the blade assembly. Am I the only one so crazy about cleaning the blade? Is there an easier way? I tried blending with lots of different solutions, but nothing gets all the gunk off the blade assembly.

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  1. Maybe a brush would work for you. Or try adding a couple ice cubes to your cleaning solution.

    1. Doesn't the bottom unscrew? Mine does. Makes cleaning it much easier.

      1. This may sound crazy but I do this for my thermos bottles to remove coffee stain. Try 1 or 2 polident tablets and enough hot water to cover the blade assembly. I don't know if it will work or not. Vinegar and baking soda might create enough foaming activity to loosen the gunk as well.

        Good luck.

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          Polident is great to clean vases also!

        2. You can disassemble the blade separately from the gasket and the thingie that screws into the motor unit, right? Can't you put it in the dishwasher? I just checked my blade assembly, and it is clean. Mine goes into the dishwasher.

          1. Thanks for the ideas so far. I actually do unscrew the bottom, then remove the blade, then clean it. I don't want to put it in the dishwasher because that will dull the blade... or is that only true for knives?

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              The reason knives are not put in the dishwasher are twofold. First if blade is carbon steel, can rust it pretty seriously as dishwasher detergent is the one of the strongest cleaners there are. Secondly there will be eventual problems on the rivets,cleats, whatever that hold the handle to the blade. Your blender blade is stainless so go for it in the dishwasher.

            2. My high powered blenders do not have jars that come apart easily. They clean up well with warm water, a couple of drops of dish soap and blending on high

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                That's exactly what I do. I don't remember where I read the idea, but it really does a good job on the blade if done right after use. However sometimes stuff gets under the gasket ring, and cleaning it like that doesn't work. That's why once in a while I disassemble everything for a deeper clean (or because I was too lazy to do the quick clean just after use...)

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                  With my old blenders the junk under the gasket was were any funk smell would be coming from. So disassembly was critical every so often as the area under the gasket would get slimy. Current blenders are sealed

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                  That's what I do too. It's actually the directions from KitchenAid

                3. What the frig are you blending that get your blender gunky? When I make smoothies, the water & soap whirr works like a charm.

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                    The trick is doing it right away. If you let whatever was in there sit and harden then you are in trouble. For me, that drop of soap and hot water cleans away everything.