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Oct 29, 2011 04:42 PM

Huge Cauliflower - now what?

My husband brought a huge cauliflower, the size of a pumpkin, home from the market. I had just finished a cauliflower - soup, cooked with peppers, etc. I need some new ideas - lots of them. Thanks.

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  1. Pureed with butter & cream on its own..... or with the addition of potatoes or turnips for a blend

    I also like to do a roasted Asian Style with soy sauce and garlic......makes for a great snack right out of the fridge.

    1. I roast thinely sliced, brusheded with olive oil and sprinkled with salt, cumin and cayenne in hot - 450F - oven. It caramelizes and tastes delicious.

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        I've read in the past, if you slice it a half to one can grill it like a steak.

      2. Questions:
        Will definitely try the roasted - have done something similar in past. How long do you roast it? On Asian, do you toss it with soy sauce and garlic and roast or do you add it to already roasted?
        On the pureed, do you just cook it like potatoes to be mashed?
        Do you grill it on an outside grill? Would it be tender if you cooked it so quickly?

        Thanks for the ideas.

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          Roast until fork tender - about 30 min.

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            on the mashed - boil or steam until soft, then mash like mashed potatoes, with butter, cream and/or milk and/or broth, and i like adding grated parm too.

            last week i parboiled florets, then rolled them in a coffee/cumin rub - you can make up any rub, but this one was pre-made - espresso powder, cumin, garlic powder, other spices - and then drizzle the whole thing with olive oil, roast in oven at 375 degrees for maybe 20 mins.

            or, parboil, chop cauliflower florets into little bits, saute in butter and add capers, slivered garlic, pine nuts, a little chopped up anchovy, finely chopped italian parsley and then make some garlic breadcrumbs to strew over the top. a good contrast would be to throw in some dried cherries or currants.

            1. Interesting solutions to my huge cauliflower. I have not heard of a coffee/cumin rub?? Am going to Penzeys website as soon as I post this. Thanks herby and mariacarmen for additional directions.