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What's cardamom good in?

About 35 years ago somebody made coffee and put cardamom in it, didn't tell me beforehand, and wrecked my chances for liking it for years. Now I find myself opening up a pod occasionally and really liking the taste of the seeds inside, but I'm not really coming up with anything that I think it would be delicious in, except I did add it to some black beans and that was very good. What do you add it to?

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    1. It is good in bread. I also made an ice cream topping once that was shredded carrots, cardamom and Ginger in syrup.

      1. Lassi.

        It's very commonly used in all sorts of Swedish pastries.

        1. Shortbread. Simple syrup. Ice cream. Sheera.

          1. All sorts of stuff. It's strong, so just be careful not to overwhelm with it.

            Some of my favorites: various indian curries, carrot or butternut squash soups, combined with orange in many permutations, cardamom and ginger instead of traditional apple pie spices.

            It's one of those spices that's really great for bridging sweet and savory flavors.

            1. Ahh, was it black or green cardamom. Totally different flavours!!
              I use black cardamom for "curry" flavours and green for chai and sweets.

              Green Cardamom and Pistachio cookies!! Recipe from :

              And masala chai.
              Here is an easy vegan cookie recipe.
              1 Cup (225 g) Earth Balance (margarine type product) room temp
              ¾ Cup (150 g) Cane sugar granulated
              1 tsp (5ml) vanilla extract
              ¼ Cup (60 ml) Almond Milk
              1 tsp Lemon zest
              1/3 cup (40 g) Chopped pistachios

              2 & 2/3 (335 g) cup of unbleached flour
              2 tsp ground green cardamom

              1)Blend Earth Blend (or butter if not vegan) and sugar in a large blow until fluffy (3 minutes
              )2) Add Vanilla
              3) Stir in milk, lemon zest and pistachios.
              4) Fold in flour and cardamom with a spoon until a soft dough forms
              5) Chill for 30 minutes
              6)Preheat oven to 350 f. Make tbsp.-sized dough balls. 2 inch apart, flatten lightly.
              7) Bake 13-15 minutes.
              Cool for 5 minutes on the pan. Transfer to a wire rack.

              Makes 36 cookies

              I LOVE CARDAMOM. I just steep crushed cardamom and cinnamon and some coriander for tea. So soothing.

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                Well, I got a small container of cardamom pods. Some of the seeds are green, some are black.

                Idas, I WILL make that tomorrow, thanks so much.

                I had the guy next to me at work try them, he thought they were pretty interesting, or so he said. I will put a couple of pods on his desktop and see if he bites that bait, so to speak. He's very polite, to a fault, I think, and his wife is a legendary Italian cook.

              2. cardamom coffeecake from Moosewood. I have been making it since the 70's and have never tired of it.

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                      Don't know about coffee, but Indian chai made with outrageous amounts of condensed milk and cardamom is wonderful.
                      I crush a couple of green cardamom podsinto many Indian curries.
                      Cardamom goes really well with carrots.

                    2. In slowely braised fennel!
                      Thick slices of fennel are stewed in olive oil for a while to get a tiny bit of colouring. Add some salt to speed this up. Then the seeds of two cardamom pods and little bit of light chicken stock. Cover with a baking paper cartouche, close with a lid and let this braise a low temperature for an hour or so. Finally add the fennel tops and some pepper and maybe another splash of olive oil.

                      1. There is a dish popular in Saudi Arabia called Kabsa that features cardamom as one of its signature ingredients (among many)...very, very tasty. Lots of recipes available online.

                        1. My Mom used to make lots of braided sweet bread with raisins on top in the nooks & crannies with cardamom in the bread. It was wonderful, and downright heavenly heated with butter on top. She gave them as gifts, and they were always wonderful.

                          1. Chicken Pakistan, from the Chicago Tribune in the early sixties.

                            One diced onion

                            one crushed garlic clove

                            in one half pound butter.

                            heat in pan large enough for a single layer of one cut up chicken

                            add 1 teaspoon of ground black cardomom to butter

                            add 1/2 teaspoon cayenne

                            Brown seasoned chicken in butter.

                            Bake in oven, basting frequently.

                            serve over rice, to help sop up the butter sauce.

                            This is not for the weak of heart. And very exotic for the time.

                            1. I add it rhubarb & strawberry rhubarb pie; also good with a rhubarb compote on ice cream.
                              I'll sometimes sprinkle a little into the egg mixture when I'm making french toast.
                              I also use it in Indian foods, i.e. chick peas in tomato-ginger sauce.

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                                    hell yes...i LOVE cardamom with chocolate (but dark chocolate only, please).

                                1. I've only ever used cardamom in indian tea, but I love it - take the pods apart crush the seeds with the back of a spoon, add it to loose tea in a pot, add milk and sugar and let it boil up but not over. Great authentic chai (I think it's authentic, a Sikh co-worker showed me how to do it way back)

                                  1. Norwegian cinnamon rolls and vindaloo. But not together.

                                    1. I like this chicken recipe but I think that I would let it marinate a little longer.


                                      1. Everything! Add it to rice, season a steak or red meat with it, or add to a dessert recipe. It's fantastic in chocolate recipes or any butter-based dessert.

                                        1. Everything, i love cardamom

                                          pilafs, cookies, lassi drinks, curry, yeast doughs, pies, chai, coffee...... basically you name it. I use it both whole and ground and keep the whole pods in canning jars.