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Oct 29, 2011 03:49 PM

What's cardamom good in?

About 35 years ago somebody made coffee and put cardamom in it, didn't tell me beforehand, and wrecked my chances for liking it for years. Now I find myself opening up a pod occasionally and really liking the taste of the seeds inside, but I'm not really coming up with anything that I think it would be delicious in, except I did add it to some black beans and that was very good. What do you add it to?

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    1. It is good in bread. I also made an ice cream topping once that was shredded carrots, cardamom and Ginger in syrup.

      1. Lassi.

        It's very commonly used in all sorts of Swedish pastries.

        1. Shortbread. Simple syrup. Ice cream. Sheera.

          1. All sorts of stuff. It's strong, so just be careful not to overwhelm with it.

            Some of my favorites: various indian curries, carrot or butternut squash soups, combined with orange in many permutations, cardamom and ginger instead of traditional apple pie spices.

            It's one of those spices that's really great for bridging sweet and savory flavors.