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Oct 29, 2011 02:12 PM

Chow Challenge

It's a snowy day here in Philadelphia and this is what I have on hand: two large butternut squash, a few fist-full of lacinato kale, one beet, two potatoes, cooked cannellini beans and the basics: salt, pepper, 3/4 head garlic, olive oil, butter and some grains. I don't like to cook, but this hodgepodge of ingredients is looking for a (easy, simple) recipe. Can use any or all of the aforementioned ingredients. What say you?

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  1. Your ingredients are going to make an incredible soup. Perfect for today's weather.

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      And how, exactly, will that happen?

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          Since you didn't mention any meat ingredients, I'll just leave it to a veggie soup idea. You could saute onions and garlic, then add cubed potatoes and cook a bit before adding your cubed butternut squash. Saute a bit and then add your choice of liquid -- chicken broth or veggie stock. Simmer a few minutes and add the kale. About 10 minutes after you add the kale, add your cannellini beans. If you have carrots and/or celery, add them to the potato step. Basil, oregano, a bay leaf and parsley would all work here. Simmer all together until you like the texture of the vegetables.

          If you have good bread and a bit of cheese, make a cheese-toast to go along with. Good luck~!

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            Thanks Terri -- that sounds doable! (is doable a word?)

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              doable, indeed it is a word.

              Terrie H. gave you a very helpful blow by blow and paulj linked some nice recipes/ideas for soup making + technique. You didn't mention what type of grains you have, but with just the vegetables you have a fixin's for an easy, hearty soup.

              Photo, nice looking butternut squash, btw, and I don't think you'll need both of them or even less than, for your soup, so the other one will make another nice and easy soup.

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                Hi Bushwickgirl, About the the butternut squash -- I can't help but mention I grew those -- the kale, too. I like to garden. Cooking, not so much.

        Tuscan recipe for kale with beans

        Lots of countries combine potatoes (usually mashed) with cabbage - this kale is a suitable type of cabbage for this role. The Irish call this Colcannon. Trinxat is basque version

        Italians also cook kale/cabbage and beans in polenta (polenta in chains).

        A soup using the squash, kale, potato and beans could be given either an Italian or Spanish twist. However given the other ingredients, I wouldn't use more than half a cubed squash.

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          EXCellent advice.give me chorizo and some pimenton in that soup and i would be a wicked happy camper.

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            Terrific recipes paulji --Thanks!