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Oct 29, 2011 02:12 PM

Anyone have a recipe for Charlie Parker bars??

A couple local bakeries and coffee shops have them, the main ingredients seem to be coconut, walnuts & chocolate chips. They're so delish, but I googled it and can't seem to find any recipes out there?!

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  1. Hmm, they sound suspiciously like 7-layer bars. Could this be it?,1610,...

    If there's no butterscotch, maybe that's the only change.

    1. i did some sleuthing from you. they must come from a bakery called Desmond & Beatrice...

      Christina's right - from the photo they appear to be quite similar to traditional 7-layer or "Magic Cookie Bars." you can find the recipe all over the web, or printed on the label of EAGLE condensed milk cans.

      1. Melch, give these a try...I've been making them for years. I've made them w a combo of dark chocolate and butterscotch chips vs the just the chocolate chips. Here you go:

        1. thanks so much! That does look like them! I'll try both recipes =)