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Oct 29, 2011 12:23 PM

Help...will arrive in London in 4 dining decisions yet!

Looking for suggestions on our first visit to London. We are headed over to visit our son who is completing a semester of college. I've done much reading and would welcome any input as I need to try to secure some reservations. We will be there for a week and need help in several categories....
Would greatly appreciate a couple of fine dining restaurant suggestions. One of the nights we will be celebrating my son's 20th birthday. A few under consideration are:

The Ledbury (though I am skeptical about securing a reservation)
Alain Ducasse
Le Gavroche
Gordon Ramsay @ 68 Royal
Waterside Inn (how far outside of London?)

Suggestions for sushi:
Nobu vs. Dinings vs. Kiku vs. Zuma

Are considering Wolseley for brunch....thoughts?

Would welcome suggestions also for great Italian, Indian cuisine and dim sum.

A few other establishments we are considering: Scotts, The Square, The Grill at the Dorchester(where we are staying), The Ivy, Bar Boulud, Sketch(The Lecture Room and Library), China Tang.

Lastly, we will be taking my son and several of his friends out one evening. Would you recommend someplace a bit on the more casual side with a lively atmosphere and great food? We were thinking either Italian or a really good pub. Having said that, I realize a lot of the pubs don't have great food, but if any come to mind that do, please feel free to mention.
Sorry so many questions in one post, but last minute plans and trying to get things situated. Any help GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. if its of any help to you, i took my eighteen year old daughter and her friends out for pizza to chiswick - the much loved, justifiably raved about franco manca.

    the kids had a blast - and its a short cab ride away from your hotel as long as its not rush hour.

    1. The Waterside Inn isn't that long a train ride from London. Going for a lunch on a beautiful,autumn day might be a nice jaunt and change of pace for you. You'd be close to Windsor and Eton and the cabfare to get around shouldn't be all that extravagant.

      Min Jiang in Kensington does some very upscale dim sum... also famous for their Peking duck dishes.

      1. Your list includes three of the UK's four Michelin 3* restaurants. Getting short notice reservations may be tricky. I'm hoping to visit the Waterside next year, for a special occasion, and will be booking weeks in advance.