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Oct 29, 2011 10:36 AM

Red Velvet Cake at Garces Trading

I was at Garces Trading for lunch yesterday, and was captivated by the most beautiful red velvet cake. Before I order one for the holidays, can anyone tell me how it is? Actually, I'd be interested in hearing about the bakery items there in general. Everything looked absolutely gorgeous and seemed very fairly priced. Also, if you know of a place to get a superior red velvet cake, I'd like to hear about that too. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Overall I have found the desserts at GTC to be pretty mediocre. Basically they look a lot better than they taste although I have found that there are a few of the macaron flavors that are pretty good. Personally, if I wanted a red velvet cake, I'd go to Brown Betty. You could always sample one of their cupcakes before you order the whole cake...

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      Thanks for this... exactly as I suspected! I will defintely try Brown Betty.

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        Wow I gotta disagree. I went to dinner there the other night and we tried four different desserts--the meyer lemon gel on giant macaron, the "Almond Joy," the Choux Creme, and the Pumpkin Torte--and all were fabulous, among the best desserts I've had recently. I have not tried the Red Velvet cake however.

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          OK, thanks Barry. I think the solution is for me to go in there and order a slice if it's on the menu.

      2. Their macarons had a nice texture but were the sweetest I have ever had--rather too sweet.

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          Macarons at the Sugar Philly Truck were excellent -- I shy away from too sweet. PS Was also impressed by their creme brulee.