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Oct 29, 2011 10:08 AM

Quiet, old-school Italian in GTA?

We are searching for a quiet spot (he has a hearing issue) that serves good, genuine Italian. We have faith there are old-school spots with low lighting and decent wine and that timeless feeling. Can you recommend any neighborhood gems? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Altho its relatively new, Black Skirt on College fits the bill.

    Black Skirt
    974 College Street, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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    1. re: iMarilyn

      Thanks iMarilyn, we'll try them out.

    2. Paganelli's might work.

      1. Camarras on Dufferin seems to be exactly what you are looking for - truly timeless

        2899 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6B3S7, CA

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          How about Pinnochio's in the west end?

          1. re: Mitzimouse

            Another vote for Pinocchios, Dundas and Islington. We've been going there for more than 25 years and it never changes. Always a good meal served by professional waiters. Also very accomodating--a while back we wanted a quiet place near the airport to meet up with someone passing through town. They let us sit for a couple of hours chatting before we ordered dinner.

          2. re: glickjor

            Agreed. Try the fresh chitarra with seafood. Delicious! Pretty good gnocchi bolognese, too.

          3. Spiga Ristorante and Pizzeria at Yonge and St. Clair. Love the classic place that serves wine in a water glass. Very understated but yummy.

            Spiga Ristorante
            1378 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T1Y5, CA

            1. Ristorante Boccaccio in the Columbus Centre definitely fits the bill. Love it.

              In Yorkville, there is the slightly pricier but very quiet and calming Bellini's Ristorante.

              Both good choices for what you seem to be looking for....

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              1. re: magic

                Any other opinions on Boccaccio or Columbus Centre for private functions? Has anyone been to a shower or wedding there recently? How's the food taste and quality?

                      1. re: ingloriouseater

                        Is your info accurate??

                        Seems like some people on the thread posted below think it's shut down. Also, their phone number is not in service and their web site seems to be down.


                        1. re: magic

                          unless the owner was lying to me when i spoke with him 2 weeks concern was if he'd be open for the pre holiday season lunch and dinners-he said that he would...but given how close we are-who knows-maybe he was just embarrased.

                          1. re: ingloriouseater

                            I dunno. These kinds of situations are always iffy. I don't know. But thanks for the info.

                            I actually have a group deal voucher with them so I'm concerned.

                            1. re: magic

                              I was trying to use my Dealfind voucher when I found out. I'm getting a refund in DF dollars.

                              1. re: Teep

                                Wow, thanks for the heads up.

                                Man, this is surprising. They were around for YEARS. And they were good, too.