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Best subs in Montreal?

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Any suggestions for the best submarine sandwich places?


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  1. Try Manzo's in LaSalle. Homemade buns, good fillings, tasty dressing.

    1033, 90E Avenue
    Lasalle, QC H8R 3A4
    (514) 366-1319

    PDF menu: http://www.topmenu.com/media/menu-man...

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      Royal Submarine on bernard and st laurent is a classic greasy spot.


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        Agree 100% Manzo is my favorite too

        1. re: kpzoo

          Used to love Manzo's but seems they are living off their rep for far too long now. Had a manzo's special last week and was soaked with dressing/grease. Each time I picked up the sandwich it would stream out the bag, major turn-off.

          1. re: dyslexicpimp

            Thanks to all the hounds that recommended Manzo’s. We had a really fabulous experience with both the submarine and pizza.
            The Manzo special sous-marine is definitely the way to go. It has steak, sausage and pepperoni on it. The bread is pizza dough but somehow takes on another identity as the perfect encasement for the deliciousness. It was a bit greasy but just enough to make it tasty and join forces with the home made Italian dressing and mayo. I would say its more “juicy” than greasy. Just lots and lots of flavour. Everything you could want in a sous-marine Sammy! Lots of perfectly crisp shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions with melted mozzarella cheese. The place is an institution and a complete gem. The prices are very reasonable and the portions are MASSIVE. The pizza is LOADED with cheese. Its sauce was fresh and the toppings are also really generous. Great thick crust perfectly baked pie. The service is incredible. So friendly and accommodating. The cook even came out to say hi and ask how everything was as he found out that we came a long way for the food (we were there very late and it wasn’t busy). Why isn’t anyone doing these sandwiches in Toronto? My photography is less than great but hopefully you get the idea.

            1. re: food face

              Glad you liked Manzo's, thanks for the report!

              Here's an updated link to their site: http://www.manzopizza.com/

              For those who live in LaSalle, you can even order for delivery online now. :-)

        2. Momesso's on Upper Lachine Road is also very good.

          Restaurant Momesso
          5562 Ch Upper-Lachine, Montreal, QC H4A2A7, CA

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            I only wish Momesso's had better bread. I like the filling but sadly the bread's just ho hum standard white submarine buns - at least the last time I went.

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              Pizza Nikkos on 4279 St Jean has great subs

              Pizza Nikkos
              4279 St A Bd, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B, CA

          2. Serano
            455 Avenue Lafleur
            Montreal, QC
            (514) 366-3234

            Da Bologna
            5185 Rue de Charleroi
            Montreal-Nord, QC
            (514) 321-8361

            Serano Restaurant
            455 Av Lafleur, Lasalle, QC H8R3H8, CA

            1. Pizza Nino on Monk in Ville Emard:
              6588 Monk

              1. Had the steak sub at copoli near metro vendome. The filling is nice, although quite basic (lettuce, mozzarella, tomatos, onions (not listed on the menu), pickles and italian dressing (not drowning in it). There was quite a lot of meat and it was well seasoned. The bread was your typical sub bread, but it was toasted well on the outside. It came to about 10$ tax included for 7inch.

                1. Went to Quiznos for the first time this week (Dic Anns was closed next door). The place looked efficient, good concept, but the sub I had (a shaved beef kind of sandwich) was meh. The bread (you get a choice of 4 types) was good, but that was the extent of it. The sandwich was overpowered by a BBQ sauce (I was hoping for a philly cheese steak type sandwich) and didn't have much flavor otherwise.
                  Based on this, I ain't going back (OK OK maybe its not a definitive sample size to make the decision, but its just my opinion. I generally don't like chains to begin with...).

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                    I tried many subs at Quiznos and they all feel overpowered like you mentioned, so it's not just you. I'm not going back there personally.

                  2. Btw is it just me, or does it seem to be a little ridiculous to be paying over 10$ for a 7 inch sandwich?

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                        Absolutely. I love subs but they're terrible value, especially in comparison to how cheap most food is in Mtl. $14 to get a full sub? And it doesn't even come with fries or a drink? Gimme a break. I can eat the best smoked meat in the world + sides for that money. I ate at Jano's the other day for less. And unlike a sub, I can't make that stuff on my own at home.

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                          14$ for a 14 inches sub made fresh to order is not a bad deal when compared to a footlong steak & cheese from subway which will cost you 10$

                          1. re: westaust

                            Subway real prices :
                            Selection is 6.99 for 12 inches
                            Signature is 8.49 for 12 inches

                            1. re: Werzoth

                              not to mention that those really aren;t montreal-style subs. nor are they any good!

                              1. re: C70

                                seriously. that processed steak from subway.. "steak bits" they keep in those tiny white cardboard trays.. just doesn't qualify as a steak sub IMO.

                              2. re: Werzoth

                                If you want to be that picky with details

                                Subway will cost you 9.67 taxes in for their signature sandwiches (12 inches), at manzo's you'll pay 13.50 tax in if you pick it up at the counter for the steak and cheese sub (14 inches)

                                1. re: westaust

                                  Oops nevermind I read incorrectly when you posted. My bad!

                          2. re: Ghostquatre

                            I remember 20 years ago when I was a teenager we had Mikes submarines that still exist today but is just too stupidly expensive now.

                            So anyway had a moment of nostalgia and went for a superstar submarine. I asked for the 14 inch when I received the bill a freaked. it was with taxes almost 26$. I told the guy what the hell is that? The subs for 14inches was $17.20. That is the last time I ate there. I had in mind that I would pay 12-15$ with a pop. No it was 20$ without any drink 23$ with the tips. Boy I should have asked for the menu and not order the subs from memory.

                          3. Personally I liked Quiznos the few times I went there. I still prefer Dagwoods though.

                            1. this must be a pretty bad city for subs as quiznos, subway and dagwoods have no place in this thread...

                              my favorite sub was from Terri's in Brossard. They had a few locations in the 90's. I think it was like 7$ for a 14" and they always had a 2-1 promotion going on. Was the most unhealthy, decadent thing imaginable. The "bread" was really pizza dough and the sheer volume of toppings was insane. My favorite was steak + steak + brown sauce. That's right, steak as the first and second ingredient.

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                              1. re: j_do

                                "this must be a pretty bad city for subs as quiznos, subway and dagwoods have no place in this thread..."
                                - I know what you mean by this, however....
                                I mentioned Quiznos as a warning. I feel that knowing where *not* to go is sometimes just as important as where to go and therefore has some merits on this thread.

                                1. re: porker

                                  Does anybody know of cold sub`s beside Dagwood??

                              2. man you guys need to get out east a bit more. the best subs in the city are all in italian places east of pie-ix

                                they're all standard italian subs, fried onions, eggplants, your choice of meat but they beat the hell out of any other ones that i've had in this city. To mention subway and quiznos is sacrilege.

                                cafe milano is solid
                                ciociaros is awesome
                                bologna's fantastic
                                and al's in rdp was good from my memory though it's been a bit

                                finally if you don't wanna come east Bocci in ville lasalle as well a solid offering

                                there's also another place in st.leo that makes fantastic subs i believe it's called victoria's but im not 100% sure

                                ciociaro's also has a location on st.viateur, not as good as the st.leo subs but it satisfies me late at night.

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                                1. re: um02follower

                                  Here's where the big question arise? are these subs or italian sandwiches.

                                  Correct me if I'm wrong but I would not call Milano a sub but more of an Italian café serving sandwiches. Are hey authentic Italian sandwiches?

                                  Don't know about Ciociaros, bolognas, Al's or Bocci. Please provide more info like adresses and tel numwer.

                                  A verry good sub is Momesso (the north-american way if we can tag it that way)

                                  Restaurant Momesso
                                  5562 Ch Upper-Lachine, Montreal, QC H4A2A7, CA

                                  1. re: maj54us


                                    1756 Avenue Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 1T8

                                    (514) 365-6519

                                    Bocci and Campagnola, a few doors away, are owned by lighthearted rival cousins. Their sadwiches are basically riffs on Momesso. Both places make their own sausage and bake their own bread and both make a very tasty hot sauce (a ground red pepper sauce with oil. Different from Momesso's green chile and much more flavorful).

                                    Bocci, open for lunch&dinner, you can see their sub listing here


                                    Campagnola interestingly enough started as an Italian grocery/deli and began selling sandwiches from the back. I think they were selling more sandwiches than anything else, so opened a small resto next door. Soon, the whole grocery section was removed to make way for the expanding restaurant. Sandwiches still being their signature dish.

                                    Things change.

                                    I think Campagnola wanted to distance themselves from the sandwich concept and be considered a family-run, destination restaurant (which they are IMO).

                                    So if you have a gander at their web menu,


                                    you won't see any sandwiches, but they do appear on the catering menu


                                    I'm sure they (Joe or Dino) will make a sandwich to your specifications if asked

                                    but...they're not open for lunch (dinner only).

                                    Which is better sandwich-wise?

                                    I'm not sure...

                                    Momesso Cafe
                                    1850 Rue Des Loisirs, Saint-Lazare, QC J7T3B4, CA

                                    1. re: porker

                                      thanks for the info. Will stop and try when in the area.

                                      Bocci has the discussed items under submarine and campagnola under sandwiches.

                                      The questions remains what's a submarine, a Hoagie, Hero, or Sub. ? The shape, the area or the ingredients? I know that a panini for us in north-america has nothing to do with a panini in Italy. (I'm just kinlling time at work wondering about what I'll eat tionight lol).

                                      1756 Dollard, LaSalle, QC H8N 1T8, CA

                                      Restaurant La Campagnola
                                      1714 Av Dollard, Lasalle, QC H8N1T8, CA

                                  2. re: um02follower

                                    Another place is Via for cutlet sandwich.
                                    Felix...ask for pizza dough bread.

                                    Via Pizza
                                    4711 D Amiens, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                                    Restaurant Nouveau Felix
                                    9143 Boul Pie Ix, Montreal, QC H1Z3V9, CA

                                  3. Another great sub spot is Gigi in Little Italy. Their bread is more like a baguette which makes for an interesting contrast. They used to be on St-Laurent but have relocated to St-Zotique.

                                    1. I was on Monk today and tried their sub at Pizza Nino.
                                      I went for the house speciality the MAESTRO
                                      It was good and looked like a huge pizza that you rolled into a sandwich. The price was 16$+2.40 tax = $18.40 for a 14 inch
                                      In my opinion that was a one time deal for me as for their sub. Maybe try something else if in area again.

                                      I didn't find any unique taste in their sub. I actually think that you can find similar subs all over. Their homemade bread wasn't special and tasted like pizza dough.

                                      For a lunch sandwich I thought it was pretty expensive. I was hungry and ate the whole thing but it can be a meal for 2 because they put alot of stuff in there. Like an all dressed pizza if you want plus steak.

                                      The waitress was chatty and pretty nice lady. service was very nice.
                                      6588 monk, 514-762-1515