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Oct 29, 2011 07:37 AM

Cooking for the season's first snow day

Here it is October, and I can't believe we are already set to get our first snow storm of the season in Connecticut. Not only is it expected to snow, but winds are forecast to be high, so there may be power outages. We've got our camp stove, flashlights, wind up radio and gallons of water at the ready.

For food, last night I made a pot of beef stew with burgundy. This morning I have a crockpot of meatballs and sausages swimming in San Marzano tomatoes heating up.

Not. Looking. Forward. To This.

So what are you cooking?

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  1. Not a snow day here but the first day I had to put the heater on in the house as it's unseasonably cold.

    I made a tajine last night so I'm probably just going to reheat leftovers lol.

    Your crockpot of meatballs and sausages sounds yummy.

    1. I got a jump start last night & made chicken and dumplings. Hey, if it wants to act like winter, I'll eat like winter! Today I have a pan of snickerdoodle blondies baking now, and I will shortly be making meatballs to simmer all day in sauce.
      Not looking forward to the 8+ inches forecast for our area (MA). The woodstove will be glowing, so at least we'll have heat if the power goes out.

      1. THis is our second snow in southwest Virginia. It snowed on October 1 too. Anyway I'm doing a pot of chicken and dumplings too along with a batch of pumpkin white chocolate chip cookies.

        1. So far no accumulation here in Baltimore, but it's cold and nasty out. I'm waiting for some bread to cool and will be eating it with beef and veg soup. Flavor base was leeks, garlic and peppers - poblanos I think- and a splash of Amontillado. I'm also wracking my brains for party snacks I can bring without going out for groceries :-)

          1. Here in Mass. we are supposed to get 4-8 inches!! We are going to finally buy our pumpkins today (perfect timing) and then will come home to leftovers of chicken chili (an ina garten recipe) that i just took out of the freezer. If we lose power, then I'll defrost some zucchini bread and we'll live on that for the next day! Brrrr!!!