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Oct 29, 2011 05:11 AM

Cleaning INSIDE the two panels of glass on Viking oven door

The farinata was delicious, but the batter spilled down the door grates and is now baked on inside the two panels of glass on the oven door of my Viking VGIC 30" range. (circa about 2004)

There is no way to access the area inside the glass panels without major surgery on the oven door. I am not a handy person but hate to pay the extortionate prices of the Viking repair service in the NYC area. The door has screws and a pair of hinges.

This is the range; mine is white enamel.

Is there any help for me?

Signed, a messy baker

Note to self: Next time use pan with higher sides.

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  1. I believe you have answered your own question. You either need to take the door apart or call repair.

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    1. re: escondido123

      Yes, but can I lift the enamel inside portion of the door out without removing the entire door? I would love to have pointers on exactly how to do this after I loosen the screws around the three sides...maybe someone has done this on Viking range...(??)

      1. re: erica

        I don't know anything about the product, or anything about what you'd do to solve your problem. Sorry. I just wanted to warn you to check your warranty statements before trying to repair anything yourself. No clue if your Viking is under warranty or not, but some companies get really titchy about people opening up electronics/appliances that are under warranty.

        1. re: Ninevah

          Thanks! I imagine there is no longer any warranty because I bought it about 2004. I was hoping someone else who had had this problem could advise. Prices for repair service are so extortionate here in NYC that I was hoping to avoid having to call them. Maybe just live with the now-caked-on spill.

    2. I would call the company. Maybe a tech person could walk you through it.
      Also, when I bought my new range, I was told to be careful when cleaning - not to let any water get in the vents.

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      1. re: Donna52479

        Thanks, Donna. I have written them an e-mail and if I do not get a response early this week, will call them (the phone tech support for Viking is not open weekends).

      2. I recently had to do the same thing to our GE CAFE range. Most oven doors literally lift out. Open the door to 45 degrees (partially open), it usually will hold there. If you then pull the door up, inline with the door it will likely just slide off of the hinges. I mean pull it up at the same 45 degree angle that it is holding steady at.

        Once you have it off, lay it down on the table or island on a towel, outside down. You probably will see four screens or so either on the inside side or maybe at the top edge and bottom edge. Carefully remove these screws....watchout, there things the screws or bolts are screwed into might be nuts that are held in with clips, and you don't want to upset those, so don
        t move the "front side" or the side that's laying down on the island.

        Once the screws are out, the inside panel should lift out. Again, be careful of those nuts on the front or outside panel. Ther might be some pressure from the front panel where it wraps around the sides of the doors.

        You ought to be able to reach your glass at this point. Clean. Reverse my instructions, being, again, careful with the nuts(I'm repeating myself here, because you DO NOT want those nuts to move around.). Slide the reassembled door back onto the hinges and you should be done.

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        1. re: JohnOort

          John thanks so much for relating your experience. I just received a response from Viking; they obviously have no idea of the outrageous prices charged by their recommended service people:

          <Thank you for your email. We are sorry to hear pancake batter spilled and has gotten between the panes of your oven door. We recommend having service out to remove the door and have the panes cleaned because of the weight of the door. I’ve listed those in your area below.>

          1. re: erica

            LOL erica, so usual of these companies! I'd give it the ole college try that John has detailed. But I'd be of course careful, especially if this is a self cleaning oven. I'm sure though it isn't terribly complicated. Let us know how it went!

            1. re: freia

              Yes, I too am eager to hear how this went and if any other tips. I have this exact issue with a Jenn Air oven right now, and have been hiding an evil streak with a dishtowel.

              1. re: rln

                I had DH dismantle my oven door a few times for cleaning. Liquids spilling between panes, self cleaning cycle residues going in there (I'm starting to hate the self-cleaning, it makes a mess to clean out...). Never had any issues putting everything back together, but I must admit DH is pretty handy. It is pretty straightforward, a few screws, just be careful before removing a part to make sure you look where it goes (or better take a few pics) so you can re-assemble together, since It is always the tricky part!

                1. re: rewok

                  Ha! I am SO NOT handy! My fear is that I get the door off the hinges and clean inside the glass (I can see a hinge holding the glass panes together) and then not be able to put it back. Entirely possible considering past history. Range is not self-cleaning, by the way.

                  Right now I have placed towel on the door handle so that hangs down and covers the glass....will try to get up courage, or snag a handy person off the street! Certainly calling repair service will bring bill upwards of $250 if past experience with same "authorized Viking" stove repair outfit is any indication. ("We cannot step inside your apartment without a check from you first!" )

                  Will certainly report back! Many, many thanks.

                  1. re: erica

                    You can do it! As they say in Italy -- Couraggio! COURAGE! The worst that will happen is you call in a repair dude, so you really have nothing to lose. :)