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Oct 29, 2011 12:44 AM

Morton Bay Bug or Balmain Bug

i'd like to know of any restaurant in Sydney(preferably in the CBD) that has either one of these delicious lobster-like seafood other than on Circular Quay patio bar, Pasta Vers(on Harris , Pyrhmont) or the Fish Market?

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  1. They are not really a big restaurant dish these days so you find them in average fish (tourist) restaurants or at the sea-food market. I suspect tht is because they are at their best simply BBQ'd which means restaurants can't do much value add - grab some from the markets and head to a BBQ area by the beach and cook your own washed down with some cold white wine.

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      I had an amazing Morton Bay Bug linguini in Adelaide & haven't haf it other than the Fish Market . I have purchased Morton Bay Bug ravioli frozen on Harris off Pyrhmont

      1. re: YVR flyboy

        I didn't say you couldn't get it but you asked about restaurants and it really isn't very common these days. OK tourist place like Circular Quay or the Fish Markets will have them but really not very common on most local places these days - instead we buy them for the barbie and have them before the snags.

        1. re: PhilD

          And they are also a mainstay of any hotel seafood buffet