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Oct 28, 2011 10:35 PM

M&S Selling Thin-Sliced Salt Beef

A find for me yesterday at my local M&S. Lo and behold, there among the packages of wafer-style turkey and ham was a display of thinly sliced salt beef. It's a bit salty (I know that sounds a bit strange) for my palate, but it's darn good considering it did not come from you know where. I was so excited that I didn't even notice the price. I should have bought two packages as my husband already has plans to consume most of it for lunch today. If only we had 'real' rye bread. :-)

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  1. Sainsbury usually has it - in 85g packs (two for three quid). They also stock Gilberts in the kosher section (179gr for £5.49), although I don't recall this being particularly thin sliced.

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      I've seen the Sainbury's packages, but for me, the M&S variety looks a lot more like what I'm used to from the States. It's hard to explain, but good salt beef (for me it will always be corned beef), has a certain appearance. It shouldn't look really dark like roast beef.

      I'll be interested in opinions from any other of the U.S. readers here. I think there are a few. :-)

    2. That is good news! Haven't been to a Marks for ages. What do you mean by real rye bread? Pumpernickel? I found that some Waitrose stores had Goswell's sliced rye bread which isn't dark but a mixture of rye and wheat flour. It's good for a quick fix sandwich. Pretty much like the stuff served in diners in New York if you order rye toast with your eggs and bacon.

      De Gustibus at Borough has Milwaukee Dark Rye, like pumpernickel, plus a whole slew of other breads. I don't remember any of them as being very heavy.

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        What's called rye bread in American delicatessens is not like any bread I've ever had in England, although it may be found in the Jewish areas... I just haven't looked. It's a different texture with a hard crust and a chewy inside. I guess there is rye bread ... and rye bread. Pumpernickel is always dark and is somewhat the same as rye, but there are a lot of varieties of that, too. I like any dark bread!

        All that said, I'm pretty sure I remember American supermarkets selling rye bread like is found here as in Warburton etc. I think it all tastes good, I just miss the American, deli type. Next time I go to Fabulous Bagels, I'll ask about rye bread.

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          They sell Rye bread in the Jewish bakery near where I used to live in Gateshead. I presume therefore that most other Jewish bakeries will too. The stuff I used to buy had a really chewy crust, was light on the inside and had a good hit of caraway seed.

          1. re: gourmetgorro

            Luckily, most Jewish bakeries also make the rye bread without those caraway seeds. I don't like them at all. The bread you had sure sounds like what I referred to before. Sadly, I live very far from any of the London bakeries, but I'm sure that bread is somewhere!

            1. re: zuriga1

              Do you mean most Jewish bakeries in general, or London ones? I thought the caraway seeds were rather essential in the light rye bread.

              1. re: cathodetube

                Gee, I don't know. :-) I guess I'm thinking more of U.S. bakeries where there's always a choice. If I'd have had to eaten caraway seeds my entire life, I'd never have bought a rye bread.

                BTW... M&S also sells pastrami as well as the salt beef, and I liked it better after a comparison check.

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            I've found a pretty good rye bread from Ocado/Waitrose. Buckingham sliced rye - decent crust and chewy internals. Not always in stock on Ocado and I think availability in stores is varied by location

            Its been my sandwich bread of choice lately and is pretty awesome toasted w/ some butter and marmite


            1. re: NYLONDave

              Rye bread makes really good toast in my opinion. The Polish shops dotted around London usually have some type of light rye bread available. There are more and more now.

        2. Tesco sell salt beef not sure of the price

          1. Just curious -- what do you mean by "you know where"?

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              The U.S. As I've written above somewhere, the salt beef in the UK is usually cut very thickly, and in the States it tends to be much thinner, which I prefer possibily because I ate it that way since the Stone Age.